September 16th, 2004

what time is it boys and girls

update time duh. Anyways, I had a braid behind my ear for ever since I first dreaded my hair but it came unraveled. Tonight I decided to dread it myself! Yay go me, this was my second attempt at dreading my own hair and it turned out OK from what I can tell. I shall introduce you

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So I have had my dreads for a little over three weeks now and I am concerned about them. A few of them are tight and fat which I love, but a lot of them are really thin. I know I just have to be patient and wait till my hair grows, but you can see a lot of my scalp when I wear them down.

My question is: How long did it take for everyone's hair to start growing in? And did it make it harder or easier to dread the roots?

Thanks in advance!

rock is dead.

I'm not sure if I've ever posted here before but here goes nothing.  This is my second time having dreadlocks.  I may not have much hair anymore but i still love my dreads.  Because they stick out like they do, everyone's been calling me 'sideshow betty'.  Heh. 

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hope this doesnt gross anyone out

so, just another weird random question :)

Since ive had dreads, and i havent had to wash them as often as normal hair....ive showered umm... less. alot less? less than every day lol. Did that happen to anyone else? When people used to call me a dirty hippie i used to atleast be able to say "im not dirty!" now ive got nothing lol. Not that I care, but just wondering if anyone else is less showered from dreading.

its been since last saturday haha

Peaceluv :)

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Ok, I washed my hair for the second time. I can't keep some of my dreadlocks in. Some fall out. And then, some of them get little bumps in them and I have to redo them. How can I keep them from failling out on me?
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Im going to a 22nd birthday in two a swanky posh bar in the city..
I have no idea how to go about making my hair look pretty. its shoulder length..
has anyone have any ideas..

thanks in advance

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hello. my friend wants to dread her hair, but she doesnt know if she should cut it shorter first or not. i didnt know what to tell her so i came to you guys. her hair is a little past her boobs. its also crazy curly, so dreading it wont be a problem. but with her long hair, will it be harder...or heavier? i dont know what im asking. thanks.