September 17th, 2004

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My dreadlocks are a mess. I have no idea what to do. At all. So many of them fell out last night when I washed them. And, I want to dye my hair next weekend and I don't know what to do, AT ALL. >.< I'm I just wanna take them out. =[
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I ran into jeremyross in front of the sheraton towers last night.

The night before at the samew spot I ran into Wayne Brady.

you might be asking youself why he looks liek he hates me. That is because whenever I get my picture taken with celebrities I ask them to look like the last thing they want to do is have their picture taken with me. There is a long story behind it, but the man is actualy very nice.
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(Mine are a week old) I put rubberbands around the baggy bits just away from the roots. And at the roots. Is that ok? Do you think tips too? Help me I'm a dready amateur!!


Hmmm also does anyone else find it hard to organise and roll the ones at the back of the head?
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Hey, my name's Tiffany. I've had dreads for a few months, and they already SEEM to be pretty locked up. (Of course, I haven't washed my hair since they were started so that could be a reason why they've stayed put. Haha...) I don't really work on them much at all though. I've just been sorta letting htem do their thing.
It's kind of weird because you can BARELY see them in these pictures. I was really bored today and got a little crazy with the camera (I tend to use it as a mirror sometimes...?). So there are lots of pictures. There are a few little sections on the bottom of my head that haven't really been touched yet due to lazyness.
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I really want to PUT STUFF in them. Like beads? I really don't know where to look for them. I'd like to find wooden skull ones. Anyone know where i could acquire such things?
As you can kind of see, I have strips of brown cloth tied into there. Don't ask me why, it sort of just happened out of boredom and I've decided not to take them out yet. I realize my hair is really...big. I kind of like it like that, I used to tease it everyday to make it big and now i just get out of bed and it's already huge. It's awesome.
Anyway, this is sort of an introductory post I guess. So yes...hi. I think you are all very beautiful.
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Hi there, I've been growing dreads for roughly 6 months and have a huge urge to dye them, can anyone recommend a vegan hair dye thats available in the uk? I'm thinking pink, blue or maybe red. Thanks : )
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i started dreading my hair about april. everyone said NO DONT DO THAT they all had there various reasons but one person said "your hairs too short" because it was...and still kinda is. but i was out to prove them rong...well i have a few, not a full head of dreads yet but they are geting there. i havent "made" any so to speek and im just letting them "do there own thing" but i have this one dread, it was the first one that apperd, and its geting kinda long see:

now the part thats between the scalp and the beed is really tight. but the other end just became streight like normal hair so i started backcombing it, but just goes streight.and same for the rest of them they will be tight on top but loose at the bottom. how can i fix this. i refuse to put crap in it, such as beezwax and such, so any sugestions would be great.

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I was in class the other day, playing with my dreads, when I noticed something strange. I was kindof just rolling them and ripping the roots apart, then I found one that got me a little worried. It's a dread right behind my left ear, and it's about 1/2 the length of all the other dreads. This wouldn't normally be so strange.. but it seems to have swallowed itself. The end is looped a bit so it looks like it somehow got tangeled up in itself, and just dreaded the tip somewhere into the middle of the dread. Interesting. I shall call him Stumpy! Has anyone noticed this happen to one of their dreads? It's strange, because it's just ONE dread, and it's so much noticeably shorter than all he others. And here he is..

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Waiting..For My *%$#ing Hair To Grow!

So NO, I don't have dreads..but I'm waiting for my hair to grow out long enough, ideally I'll start them at about 6-7".


How much is hair supposed to grow a month? How do I know if my hair's growing or not? I did look into Horsetail, but I cannot find a single place around here that carries it-not even GNC!!

What's a average haired white dude to do?


hello everyone. I have posted in here but it was gosh maybe a year ago. I had dreads for about a year and a half but i went to school in Japan and we traveled to Malaysia with my school and Malaysia is mostly all muslim so i was asked to cut my hair because it is so conservative there. I was quite sad but i said ok because hey it is just hair. I just recently dreaded my hair again and here are some pictures nice to meet you all! and hello again to some of you

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