September 20th, 2004

i <3 drum machines

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i just joined the community =) in more ways than one! a few weeks ago, a new friend of mine offered to help start my dreadlocks. he does dreads by hand (no comb, no wax) and my hair is VERY thick, so it took him about 30-45 minutes to *almost* finish just one dread. needless to say, by day one (and after a few vodka drinks) i only had 4 dreads done. unfortunately i haven't seen this friend since then, and i've done the best i could to dread more with a comb... but i'm only up to about 9. i work a lot, and i don't have someone to help me so it's really difficult. we are getting there though, my few but wonderful dreadies and i =)

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my question...

dandruff?! i have SEVERE dandruff problems, and it seems that this whole bar soap only washing thing isn't helping at all. i have some organic dandruff/scalp tonic, but it requires me to rinse my hair out every other day. does anyone here have any suggestions for (cheap!) dandruff relief? anything at all would be appreciated!

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dreads, old

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my dreads have new life. i have been snipping off the loose tips up until i reach where there is thick dreaded hair. then i have been snipping off the loose hair that have grown into the root area, but is loose at the ends. making them look much more neat.... but i'm not even taking off lots of hair. now they are bouncy and way better looking.

but i miss the wispy look. ahh well... heh, and i've lost a good inch or so to the length. hah, and i have only done half of my head .... and i have to go to work soon.

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updated me

question for the peanut gallery

ello all- have a little question (well, a couple of them):
ive had my dreadies for about 6 months and am looking for some new hats, beads, shiny things to adorn my locs with... ive tried knotty boy, the hemp jewelry shop, and dreadheadhq, but all are quite expensive- i was wondering if anyone knows of a relatively inexpensive place to get these things (i really want a brimmed dread hat)?
lots o luv
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