September 22nd, 2004

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back to short hair.
i had dreads most of this summer, but i cut them out because they felt really nasty.
my scalp gets so dry and b/c the dreads pull, it gets itchy too. then when i scratch my head, i get dead skin in the dreads. it's really gross.

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Well today i was looking threw all the pictures of my locks and how they have changed.. basicly i put together 4 of the first pictures i took when my hair started to dread up good , 8 months ago... then under i took some pics on my webcam.. Lots of length, major thickness difference, and overall better looking dreads....

Now i made this thred because i would like to see everyone else's change, put together your first pictures of your locks and the newest ones u got and share... this is very interesting if ya ask me!

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My mum announced that she had a dream in which I brushed out all my dreadlocks. I countered that before I dreaded my hair, I had dreams about having dreadlocks.

Genna 1, Mommie 0!

And a picture since I've already wasted an entire entry.
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