September 23rd, 2004

tom waits - birds


I've just been visiting a feminist bulletin board where both white and black women are saying (as an aside to their main discussion) that white people with dreadlocks = ugh. That it means trying to be black, or exoticizing blackness, or trying to be "counter-culture" (which seems kinda funny on a feminist board anyway...)

And my boyfriend wishes I had my "regular hair back" and I have this huge horizontal lump in one lock at the back of my head and... well, it's been that kind of a day!
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Hello! I haven't posted for a while, just took this picture to show off my new eyebrow piercing. =)
Of course, my dreads are an absolute disaster. Meh. You guys look great.
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So I was at the grocery store a while ago and a random woman came up to me asking about my hair.
I refer to my dreadlocks as just dreads I dunno why I just do. She said I shouldnt call them that because its offensive to african americans, something about white people(a long time ago) calling them dreadlocks because they thought that natural african locks were 'dreadful' so they were dreadlocks. Anyone else heard this? I surely dont want to offend anyone. Obviously I dont think they are dreadful(in that sense of the word) I think all locks are beautiful.
Your thoughts?
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hello again. my friend is concerned about dreading her hair right now because she knows that someday she will have to cut off all her hair. is this true? will all her hair be gone from her head?