September 24th, 2004

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new new hair..

So Sunday my first two dreadies were started. As of now I call myself (officially, finally!!) a dreadlette. Most of my hair is worked up, but there is still a bit in the back, under it all, that is still straight (but give me a week or two and that will be gone). I am doing this naturally, no wax or oil or what have you. I have been putting the locks in place and then I will probably just let them do their thing, except of course for the occasional palm rolling and random people wanting to play.

I wish I had a digi or a web cam still so I could show all of you wonderful people, but you will just have to take my word for it.

So a philosophy prof here at my University has thick dreadies that are probably years and years old. He isn't one of my profs, but he has given the last two lectures in my Phil 103 class. One week I had straight hair, the next dreadies, both times I sat right up front. I see this guy all the time on campus, but he has never once looked up at me. Yesterday as I was walking around I saw him and as he walked past he looked up, smiled at me, asked how I was doing as I walked by. All because of the way I do up my hair!? Hehe, I don't mind the extra attention that dreadlocks give us......although I have gotten some awful looks as well as all the wonderful ones.

Anyhow, just thought I would share. Maybe I will share again sometime soon...

i'm anxious.

hey i have no idea how to begin name is jane. and i'm going to dread my hair today. i'm excited. i'm scared. (what if my hair falls out?!? haha. silly, irrational fears...) but i'm dead set on this. first i have to get through a 4pm-1am shift and then the dreading begins: rubber bands, a medieval comb, two(?) good friends and a few good movies.

this is me...

and my hair...

anyway, i've read pretty much this whole journal...everyone's locks are beautiful! and everyone's incredibly nice. i can't wait to truly join the community.

oh, one not so irrational fear...i have a skin condition that i use a special lotion for and a shampoo for my scalp...which means i went to the dermatologist and got a scientific name for dandruff and severely dry skin and also a reassurance that it wasn't my fault- HEH...but anyway, the shampoo is selenium sulfide in lotion form. does anyone know if i can continue using it? maybe i could use it and then use the dread shampoo all the chemical goodness goes into my scalp and then gets rinsed off by the shampoo? anyway...that was my logic...
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i find that having dreadlocks forces you to be creative all ways. especially in your way of being, because you can't live out in the normal prejudice & appearance-based society. so you have to stand out. be yourself. be proud. :D

i love all of you people.
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missing them so...

I just wanna say looking at all your gorgeous pics has made me miss my dreadies so so much. Its a battle....I'm waiting for my hair to grow, but I don't think I can wait too much longer without dreadies again. Give your dreadies a twiddle for me :)

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Tomorrow my dreadlocks will be two months old.
They aren't in the best of shape. But they are hanging in there.
I love them with everything I have<3

Is anyone going to the Ani Difranco concert in December in Rochester?
'Cause I am. It'll be my first time seeing her. I'm excited. ^_^

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