September 25th, 2004

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hey guys. the plan between me and my friends fell through (aka they wanted to sleep when i got off of work) but i got bored in my room. so i started my hair. mmhmm. it's very loose right now. i'm afraid of laying down. haha. but look!!

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so yeah. i'm absolutely delirious now. time to lay down for an hour.
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question about root maintence:

if i don't keep up on dredding my roots, will they not dred anymore? i wanted dreds so my hair would be lower maintence. call me lazy when it comes to me rots, but it that a bad thing?

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Hi Everyone!

That big mean hurricane Ivan went right over us Wednesday the 15th, and knocked our power out. I just got it back today after a week and 3 days. It was kinda cool not having power and reading till the late hours by candle light. :D Anyway, since school and job was closed for the storm I had my friend Kerri come over and dread my hair. We could only do it during the day, since it obviously got too dark after the sun went down. It took us 3 1/2 days to do it. She did a wonderful job and I really really love my dreads. Thanx to all of your good advice. :D

Here are before and after pics.

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NYC fun!

well long time no speak, just thought id drop a line and to wish a happy holidays to any and all fellow jews out there

that being said, i was very pleased to meet like 15 dreadies in NYC this weekend, it was crazy, being one of two white boy dreadies at my entire university (no girl dreads at all, but im going to be changing that soon, my friend sarah wants them) it was awesome to see so many.

anyway thats it for me for now!

peace y'all and as alwas, keep the love one!

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does anyone ever fall for someone... for the sole reason that they have dreads?

i keep seeing this guy at the coffeeshop i go to, who has these amazing, natural-looking dreads. and he's pretty cute... but i'm intrigued by him, and i think it's mainly the dreads. there aren't a lot of dreaded people in my city, so it's kind of a big deal.

however, my complete lack of social self esteem keeps me from introducing myself. oh well...
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Hey again.....Not dreaded yet. I agreed to wait till after my cousins wedding. So my hair will be dreaded around the week of the 18th of october. Cant wait to post dread piccys. See yall soon!!