September 27th, 2004

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alright, for real this time, i have the pics ready for viewing courtesy of that way too easy to use website i highly recommend it!

much thanks to pete and angelica, my wonderful photographers and of course to knotty boy, for making it happen for short-haired white boys like me everywhere!

this is me "donning my bandanna"

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sorry about the obnoxious number of pictures, i would have linked them but i dont know how, im new to this livejournal stuff

well thats it for now kids, let me know what you think!

peace out and as always, keep the love one!
Plead the FIF!

Friendy Mod-alicious

Ok. I'm a cool person. So I'll make a deal with you. A few people have wanted to promo some off-topic communities and I said negative. But consider today your lucky day. If you have a community... comment below and go crazy nuts! If you like I'll even add this to the community memories.

NOTE: ONLY PROMOTE IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST. I don't want a flood of promo on the main page.

And promote as much as you like. I couldn't care less.

Ready...? GO!
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Hi guys,

I remember a few weeks ago someone made a post asking whether or not aloe was good for dreads, and although it was determined that aloe is indeed good for everything including dreads, I can't remember if anyone mentioned how or why aloe is good for dreads. For those who use aloe on their locks, what does it do that makes it so great? Does it make your dreads softer, tighter, better at math... what?

I'm asking because I recently acquired an aloe plant, and I'm sitting here looking at it wondering if it can do other things for me besides healing cuts, soothing sunburns, and that whole world-peace thing.


the exciting progression of hair turning into other hair

i always tend to do things i wouldn't normally bother doing when there are other more important things (SchoolWORK) that i should do instead. but i always find it interesting when other people post these so...

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rock on :D

ps. i love how highly recognizable my hair makes me on campus. sometimes it gets to the point where it's a bit creepy because people know me but i don't know them. but really i like it because i meet so many wickedly awesome kids that way. yahoo

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something lovely happened. i was walking with a friend of mine and we were stopped by an older, black man you just looked at me. finally he said, "you growing dreads?" "yessir" i responded. "thats right girl! very nice..." then he walked away. it made me happy, so i wanted to share. yay.