September 28th, 2004


a plea

Please be courteous to the other community members and read the guidelines that we've all agreed upon. If a picture is excessively large, it's polite to cut it and give a warning. If you're unsure of how to go back and edit an entry, or how to use an lj-cut, you can check the faq. I promise that we're friendly folk and don't bite.

Hopefully this doesn't come across and annoying or attempting to start drama. (Apologies, though. Migraines turn me into a moody monster and I'm sure I'll hate myself for this in the morning.) Blame this post on excessive bitchyness but sometimes a reminder is nice. :)

Also, I'd like to give a major shout-out to blackperson for doing an awesome job.


Plead the FIF!

Quick question for the group. From one Mod-acious babe.

How long would you like me to wait before I delete posts that do not use the lj-cut?

We established early on that as community that showcases pictures frequently, we'd need an lj-cut policy. And I want to be fair because I know people don't spend all day on their computers so they might miss all the comments asking them to correct their posts.

So what do you say? An hour? 12 hours? A day? How long should I give someone to correct their post? Also, if your post is deleted do not feel bad. You can repost again as long as you correct the mistake. I always feel bad when I have to ask people and some folks are new to livejournal so they don't know all the codes yet. If that's the case... check out the livejournal FAQ or ask a user. We're nice, I swear. And once you learn it, it's not hard to remember. is a hosting site that lets you easily resize your photos as well. Most hosting sites have a resizing option. Check for that option at your site. Mods only have the power to delete posts, not edit them so that leaves me with two options: let the posts stay (which slows down everyone's internet connection), or delete them.

Before I delete it, I'll send this response (or something like it):

Sorry to be a hardass but this post isn't following the community rule:
Your friend is helpful for large photos and photos that are not worksafe. Use your friend if you are posting more than one photo, or if there is any nudity/obscenity in your photos.
Click here to learn the lj-cut.

Feel free to post again after correcting this. Got any questions email me at

- Jaki

Right now I've been giving people a few hours or so to fix it but I will start deleting posts. It's not fair to the group and by joining you agreed to follow the community rules. I will say this. If you post a picture with nudity/obscenity without a cut, I'll delete it as soon as I see it. Those picture MUST get a cut. A lot of people check their pages at work, school (or with noisy parents).

Conclusion: Please please use the cut.


Author's note: *sprinkles candy to everyone*

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Originally posted by akimova

Hello all! I just thought I'd share a few pictures. my dreads are now 2 months old and seem to enjoy doing their own thing, attempting to be curly and whatnot. I've just let them go, I don't bother palm rolling them or anything. Soooo yeah, here they are, one up front and two in a lovely cut.

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Originally posted by go_rators

So yeah I saw someone with wraps around their dreads the other day and thought they looked awesome so, I took some coloured thread and did a couple of mine and I love it. Okay maybe they're more for aesthetic purposes than for helping my dreads but they looks so purdy!

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Plead the FIF!

A cute message from your Mod-dy bear.

Ok. Any posts on the main page with large photos or more than two photos have been deleted and reposted with lj-cuts. I think that's fair. But as always, if anyone has a problem let me know. I probably won't do this for every single post though. It's easier on me to just delete. And it's easier on everyone if lj-cuts are used.

I know a lot of people don't like the cuts because then people might skip over the post. That's why we have a one picture rule. I've found if you post a teaser picture (like the cutest picture from the set), people are more willing to look under the cut. But resizing is important. One large picture can make it impossible for people to load the page. I don't want to make picture size requirements so I'm asking you all to use your best judgement.

And I love this community, I'm not upset with anyone. Hey... after all. It's just the internet. And shit mistakes happen. Let's do our best to keep this a chill webspace, shall we?
how happy is the blameless vestal's lot

dready goodness

I decided to do those before/after pics so you can see what I looked like before. I think I may have posted this before tho, so don't feel obliged to look. they're kind of big...sorry.

a pic i like:

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(no subject)

Hi there everyone!

I just moved here, Toronto that is from Vancouver BC, and my dreads are in need of some serious work.
Would you all be able to help me out and comment with places around Toronto that I can get some maintainance done. If you know approximate prices, that would be super as well.

Thanks a bundle!

Oh, and I plan on posting some pictures as soon as i get my web cam up and running, in case you're interested.
  • akimova

let's give this one more try

Hello again! Sorry again to everyone for the huge pictures I posted before, and the one that wasn't behind the cut. Here they are again (much smaller) my 2 month old dreads. To whoever it was that asked - yep, they get Really frizzy at the roots haha

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in love

(no subject)

so i think i have finally figured out this picture-posting thing.
i have had my dreads for... um... 2 and a half years i think...
they grew from braids and used to be down to my waist, but i cut the mofos off a year or so ago.
i love them.
i love you

(no subject)

Has anyone ever felt ashamed of their dreads? I've had my dreads for the past five months, and I'm always been proud of them. I bounce them around everywhere I go, they're a part of me. I love my dreads, they've given me confidence and actually made me like something about myself. But, for the first time, I felt ashamed of my dirty nappy head yesterday. I was in the emergency room, being treated for burns (long story), they went up to my hairline. My dreads were in a pony tail, but as the nurse was putting cream on me, she stopped for a second, and wispered in my ear "You really need to wash your hair". She wispered it so my mother couldn't hear it, like it was something I should be ashamed of, that I have a bit of dandruff floating around, or that my hair is a bit stiff or greasy, that's just how it is. I don't wash my hair everyday, not even every week, but why should someone else tell me when I need to wash my hair? That's their standards, not mine. Still, as she bandaged me up, I couldn't help but feel ashamed of not washing my hair for a couple of weeks, that this nurse was touching my dirty hair. Maybe it was just the circumstances, but Iunno. It made me feel weird, so I thought I'd share it with the class.
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