September 29th, 2004


The Plan For Work

Hey gang.

OK, so I now have a new job after being out of work for almost a year. I can honestly tell you all that it was NOT easy to get a "straight" gig with my four-foot dreads. Yep, even though my work experience is strong, my references are impeccable and the rest of my demeanor is totally pro, I know for sure that a few employers rejected me outright because I look this way. Now, honestly, the only "weird" thing about me is my hair... the rest of me is pretty regular. I have a neat goatee and one earring in my left ear, but that's the extent of my weirdness. When I'd come in for job interviews, I'd wear a perfectly tailored suit, twist my roots neatly, tie the dreads back with TWO hairties (one in the middle and one at the tail end) AND I'd use Frizz-Ease on the roots to make everything lay flat. Even my mom said I looked "smooth."

I'd show up in my black tailored suit and fresh shined shoes with a neatly shaved face, carrying a totally pristine black leather briefcase with an absolutely solid resume and references... When it was cold outside, I even had a tailored cashmere overcoat on top of this... and I'd still be rejected. Sometimes almost at first sight. Yeah. I went for about 20 interviews this past year, and I think probably 12 of them took one look at me and decided a guy with dreads was not right for their work environment. I got the vibe when they only gave me a perfunctory interview and sent me along without saying a word. After this happens a few times, you start to notice certain common characteristics to the way they handle you.. they never say anything outright, but they don't exactly give you the feeling that you'll be welcome there.

I was really, really, lucky when I interviewed here. I totally impressed the first person I interviewed with... even though she decided to go with a different candidate for the job, she referred me to another department as a definite asset to the company. So I got a second interview... then a third... and then the offered me a job. Every time I came in to interview, I wore a neat suit, tightened up my roots and made sure I looked like a million bucks.

When the HR person called me to offer the gig, I made sure I knew what the dress code was... lucky for me, there isn't one. Just the same, I made the decison to wear a tam to work for a while. Yes, even though they KNOW I have long-ass dreads, I have decided to let them get used to me before I drop the dread bomb on them. So... I shave and trim my beard every day, roll up my dreads and pack them into my tam before I hit the office. So... I come to work in neat black Dickies shirts and pants, black Timberlands and a black tam containing my dreads. I think I'm gonna keep this up for a few weeks before I come in with my hair down.

Maybe I'm being too careful.... but I want to be sure that I have this gig on lockdown before I let myself get too freaky in here.

Oddly enough, when the marketing department woman came around to get my info to make my business cards, she actaully said she was disappointed that I wasn't wearing my hair down... so maybe everything will be cool.... but I'm just gonna take my time with this.

Just thought I'd let the rest of my fellow dreadheads know that it IS possible to get a "real," professional office gig with extreme dreads. It's not easy, but it can be done.
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I've noticed lotsa people telling in here how many bad stares they've gotten lately.
There are good stares as well though, always remember that. They may be rare, but they're there :)

An example:

I had gym yesterday. As me and my friends walk back to school, there's this group of 13 year old kiddies sitting outside, waiting 'till they get to do tracks.
We pass by, and then this tiny blonde girl says:
"Look! Look! *points* THAT'S how I want my hair to be like"

:D :D :D :D

Okay okay, that may not have been a real stare but it made me feel damn proud and happy about myself :P
It's mostly the little ones who give the good stares :)
Ignore the bad comments, stares, and disgusted faces. You know there are thousands of others who share your pain, we're all in this together :D

The staring kind of people *are* entitled to their own opinion, yes, but unless they know what it's like to have a hairstyle such as this one, I think they should just shush and accept the fact that there are people who like to express their believes and first of all themselves through their appearance.

I'll shush now :D

Good hairdays to all <333

Hilly xx
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The thing that annoys me most about the state of my current locks, is that people who i walk by on the street tend to stare..but its not a hey cool hair stare its a what the hell is going on with your hair kinda stare..or maybe im just paranoid..

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this morning before i went to my history class i decided to stop down in cafe and grab an apple juice... a woman i hadnt seen i a while took one look at me and goes... you hair grew!... i just took the bands out, she was talking to me about them, being very curdious, and tells me there cute... coming from an older person this makes me smile... and i wished her a good day...

i was really regreting what i had done to my hair out of frustration but today has been an improvement, i just wish they werent so messy...

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I read something a little while back about aloe vera gel? Is there anyone here that uses it and is it effective? I was in a health shop near where I live today and they had a big tube of aloe vera gel that was apparently for hands but was something like 99.9% aloe, would that be alright? I have tightening gel from knotty boy but it tastes good and (oddly enough) it makes me chew my dreads :/ and isn't all that effective. Any comments appreciated!
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the other day when i was walking my way into work (wal-mart) i rounded this corner and a lady holding a child looked at me with shock and said very loud, "JESUS GOD!" ... oh man, it made me laugh so hard.

anyway, officially it has been one year of being dreadlocked... well, a year and one day.

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happy hump-day everyone.
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they're slowly coming apart.

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it has taken a billion hours of combing, and now there are only eight of them left. my right arm will be happy once they're all out, it's been practically useless for a while now, ouch ;)
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I saw some before and after dread pics on here a li'l while ago.. and at the time i didn't think i had any pics of my dreads when i first got them. Then earlier on i found some :D So i thought i'd share! The before ones are when i was using wax, but i went natural after like 3 months, i think they look so much nicer natural, nice and fluffy :)

Est xXx

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I haven't posted in awhile. I have been busy with school and stuff. But i have a few things that i want to say and a few questions to ask.
1. I freaked out about my dreads, i got scared that i made a bad choice. does this ever happen to anyone? After the freak out i am happy with them but it is weird.
2. My dreads have lots of loopie things. They are dreaded in parts and then they have this big loop, is that normal, what do i need to do to fix it. They look really bad and i want them to start looking nice again. They are only about 2 months old. *if i can i will post pictures in the near furture.
3. Is it bad to keep them up in a ponytail all the time?
4. Is it just me or if when ever you wear a hat or a scarf over you dreads for a few days when you take it off the dreads look so mush happier?
Alright that is all my stupid little i need help thingies.
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