October 3rd, 2004

Lemon juice, Dreadlocks, and piercings...

OK so i know i asked about lemon juice the other day, but then after i did that i got my ears pierced up in the cartledge. And i was wondering if it'd be a bad idea to put a diluted Lemon juice solution in my hair now seeing as it'll more than likely get on my freshly pierced ears. Actually to tell the truth i'm a little worried to wash my hair at all now. So does anyone know if it'd be safe to use lemon juice, or at least safe to wash my hair, and not risk infection? Thanks folks!!

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well ive finally found out how to do one of those LJ cut things so i just fort id post sum pics, and i have a few questions coz, when i did my dreads id just dyed my hair black, and im blonde... and because my hair grows really fast the blondes comin thru at th roots and its well bad, ive put a pic in there i think of ma roots, and i were wonderin because ive only had my dreads now for 3week could i dye it now? as my roots stand out a mile.

ah and sorry about the quality of the pics you cant see to well but ive had to use my webcam as ive broke my other cam somehow... heh anyway...

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They're growing again :)

I'm really happy that I don't have to spend loads of time on their maintenance anymore. They used to be such a pain in the ass. Especially after a wash. I still have to tear them apart at the roots from time to time though, but apart from that I just let them do their own thing.
I've noticed my tips rounding up all by themselves as well. Every time I look at them I notice a couple of loose hairs that've made their way up the dread.
I've solved my -stinky dreads after a wash- problem by using a different shampoo. No one wants their locks to smell like a dog that just ran around in the rain.
You should touch your dreads. I mean: really touch 'em. It's amazing how different they feel right now.
Like, really tight ropes. You can still bend them, but they just pop right back.

It's so cool to see how your dreads mature :)

I might dye them with henna this Saturday. Let's say it's my birthday present to them :) :)
If it ends up looking like crap I won't be sad. The colour fades out after a while anyway.

It's so weird how much I've gotten out of my dreads :) :)
I learnt lots about myself, and most of all, about other people.

Dreads to me are an experience, one big adventure full of surprises.
Wether those surprises are poopy or not, I'm enjoying every second of this :) :)


Hilly xx <33333333
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A friend of mine heard that Okra was good for your dreads
its a Surinamese fruit that you have to cook with water
out of the fruit comes mucus and you have to put that in your hair
I was wondering if someone knows if it works?

My dreads!

my dreads
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Hey everyone!! this doesn't have that much to do with dreads, but my high school senior prank is going to be on MTV tomorrow! We did the prank in June, and MTV heard about it and taped us in late August. So please watch it! We're going to look like total idiots, but it should be fun! :o) It's on at 4 PM eastern time October 4th.

Click here for pictures!
Don't miss it!!! Four o'clock!
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parting is such sweet sorrow

I unfortunately took out my dreads this weekend. I loved them so much, but I couldn't handle the itchyness of my scalp - my skin's really sensitive, so I guess it was just too much of a change. I was grossed out when i brushed them out though, as I found mould in 4 of the dreads. I thought that dreads were mainly only succeptible to mould if they were really thick and if you didn't let them dry before puting them up, but I guess I've been proved wrong, as mine were pretty thin and I always dry them well. I might do dreads another time, but if I do I'll let them form naturally.

So here's a picture of my now boring (and Very thin) hair. Oh, and if anyone here plans on de-dreading themselves, I recommend picking up a bottle of baby oil, it helped make the process a lot easier.

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I tried to cover my lumps by elasticing them down, and I hope they'll stay put when I cut the elastics out. I'm desperate, I have so many lumps! Anyway, it's going good so far.

I turned 18 last week, wooo!
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So I was browsing Google for information on dread maintainance and what have you...and this site said that you're supposed to wash your dreads every 6-7 days in the first 3 weeks. I've had mine for 2 weeks and haven't washed them yet, so I was wondering if that site was right, or if I should go a month (like I had planned) w/o washing them?

Also, another site mentioned to wear a nylon cap when you first wash them (the first couple months of having them), so they won't fall apart. Is this true?
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