October 4th, 2004


my story

i had my whole head dreaded a couple of years ago, but i cut them off on a whim
i don't brush my hair and really haven't in the past 5 years, and sometimes dreads come and go but none are permenant until now. Now i have this tiny one in the hair by my neck. Its weird cause thats the hair that never dreads, anyway here are some pictures of my hair

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hmm...wash them?yeash...but first I'm going to a cabin for a week to smoke and drink:D
it's raining soo much outside, but since my dreads are like plastic, the rain just falls off at once:) pratical..

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Can anyone tell me about any good or bad experiences with dread extenstions?

I'm arguing the idea of getting them because my hair is too short for regular dreads, and I like the fake ones better.
Gracias and stuff.

my hair is starting to look like how it used to before it was dreaded...

flat on top and frizzy on the bottom. i checked the FAQs and i didn't see this. what can i do about my roots? every time i wash my hair they get flat and the tips get...not flat. but it's not just that. for a few weeks my dreads have been really flat on top, but they used to be nice and fluffy. i haven't done anything differently, but they're just looking weird. this morning i found a ball of wool and i rubbed it on my hair for about 15 minutes, but no real improvement, probably because my hair was still wet from last night? i think i'll try sleeping with a tam or a stocking tonight. any theories about what happened?

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