October 5th, 2004

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remember when...i posted with pictures of straight hair. then posted again with my attempt at trying to dread my own hair? well, those dreads didn't stay. so then my friend worked all weekend and now i've got baby dreads, which make him go YAY!!! and AW!!! and make me kinda...feel funny and self-concious. haha. everything i hate about them (they're fluffy and frizzy), he loves. silly. and i hate rubber bands. and scalp. aaaahhh. my epidermis is showing. hahaha.

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Well, my oldest dreadies are now two weeks and two days. All of my head has been started as of yesterday. It's fun to see how they grow. It seems likes I've had them forever, yippie for dreadies! I have had a few people tell me that they look at least a month old already, so I guess that is good although I don't care all that much about how they look. Dreads aren't for the weak minded or the type of person who loves to sit and stare at themselves in the mirror. Well, maybe they are, and I just look at it differently..

Anyhow......is anyone in the northwest going to the Barstow North Country faire this weekend? Or Tonasket next weekend? If you are in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or even BC, you should come. Feels like home......and it'll feel especially good this year with my hair all dreaded.
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dread-ful birthday...

For my 22nd birthday yesterday I had my driver's license renewed. Now, being a multicolored fuzzy dreaded rainbow child in moss green dresses and skirts made me feel a bit odd about my trip to the government building. I was entirely expecting snarls and scowls and a difficult time.

Oddly enough, the woman who helped me COMPLEMENTED my hair and tried to set me up with her dread-headed son.

hehe... the government should always try to get you dates.

-other dreadful things-
-I picked up some tea tree dr. bronners because, after about a month or so of having dreads the finally started to itch a bit. Problem solved.

-I promise pictures someday. :)

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I like it when people with awesome dreads in my area call my hair "Baby dreads" and when random people ask me why I'm such a hippie. Funny things happen when you have crazily messy hair.
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who uses photobucket?...

photobucket just asked me to update my info... and now the server cant seem to find my account, all my pictures, after i had uploaded one... has it asked anyone else to update??? and if so did it erase your account?... this is no good... =O \
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Finally a picture of me, although I'm not sure how well you can see my hair. :) I'll have to get more and post them when I have my hair down and it's closer.

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You can see a bit of the necklace that Emily (radiosinheaven) made. :D

Let me know if that's too big and I'll make it smaller.
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