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Soon to go...but it's been a great year. [07 Oct 2004|08:47am]
[ mood | Caffinated ]

On November 11th, my dreads will be one year old. On that day I will cut them off.

I will post some pictures soon and on the day I will post a before and after.

Adm ["]

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aiee [07 Oct 2004|10:36am]
i washed my dreads yesterday with dr bonner's and now they seem to be coming unravelled. usually i wash them once a week. anyone have any tips? plus, how do you get your roots to dread?
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[07 Oct 2004|10:55am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well just needed to say that i went to Amsterdam today and, ofcourse, did a dreadhead count: 23 dreadheadss
allso bought a dreadhat! finally! (picture coming up) :)


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Suggestion Box! [07 Oct 2004|12:03pm]
[ mood | curious ]

This is a post about the FAQ.

Is there anything you think should be included in the FAQ that currently is not?

Post a comment below if you do.

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[07 Oct 2004|02:01pm]
What is the best way to dread your own hair. NO one to help either. I don't think the backcombing will be bad, just need to get a way to seperate my hair neatly. Or if someone knows a better way.
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[07 Oct 2004|05:16pm]
Roots that are tightened by crocheting turn into dreads that look like braids and never lock up. They look like braids and never lock up because the hair is twisted so tightly that it can't form knots, therefore it can't dread and lock up.

ok so I think I did this. and I understand why it says they won't lock up then. is this true are my dreads set up for falure? they look like I tied knots in them I mean it has given them charictor but I know the one I didn't do this too looks nice and locked up well is there any way to undo?
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[07 Oct 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

3 Weeks Old :)

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I like fatty dreads alot, but I preferred mine being little bitty ones. My hair is really thin and if I would've made them bigger I would only have 10 dreads all over. :-/

I really luvs them though, and I'm glad I took the step to dread my hair.
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[07 Oct 2004|10:47pm]
dread update

the look like crapCollapse )
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[07 Oct 2004|11:21pm]
i got picture-happy the other day. mostly because i finally got my camera back from the shop! my dreads are... 2 months and 16 days.

also, when i walked into my free tibet meeting today, i realized that one of the boys is starting dreads. i had to keep from "awwww!"-ing out loud. i love dreads on anyone, but he's this cute little freshman, who's an anarchist and activist, and the first day i met him, he was wearing a shirt that said, "MAKEUP IS UGLY - don't buy it." and then something about the fascist beauty standards of corporate america... it was awesome. he's just one of those people that makes me smile. and now's he's on his way towards being a dreadhead!
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