October 11th, 2004

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Hi there. I have holes in my dreads. In the middle of my dreads are holes, I tried to backcomb, but it didn't do much, so I wrapped the parts that had the holes, is this a good idea? Or what else can I do to fix these holes?


listen, doodadoo, do you want to know a secret? doodadoo, do you promise not to tell? whoaohoh

hi all. so i think i've found a solution to my flat roots. *drumroll* ta-da! ALOE VERA. i got bored and decided to procrastinate on my homework so i went outside and cut an aloe leaf, then i cut it in pieces and smeared the gunk on my hair. upside: my hair looks great. downside: it smells like ass. oh well. at least my hair is shiny now, i think. ok, done procrastinating now.

this is the coolest community i have ever been in, i must say. kudos to all you xool dreadheads. ;)

EDIT: one more thing, i asked this before but i never got an answer... when i dye my hair the dye disappears after a few days, even though i don't wash it after i rinse the dye out. i don't wax my hair, i don't condition it, and i wash it about once every week or two. what happened? i used that special effects stuff...can anyone recommend any good semi-permanent dyes that i can use without bleaching my hair? thanks a bunch.

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