October 13th, 2004

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i know there are a fair amount of non-US people here... so my question is... is there anyone here from Holland? specifically the Maastricht area?

i'm seriously considering studying abroad there, Holland sounds so amazing. so if anyone is from there and could tell me more about it - not the kind of stuff they tell you on the websites - that would be awesome.

thanks !
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Note to community...

When one has longish dreads, and a fairly cluttered desk, one should not listen to one's music of choice and flail one's dreads about...

Although it is a good way to clean a desk of junk! :D
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(no subject)

hello there,

i have long dreads and i miss swimming. i'd like to get back into swimming laps, but my hair would weigh my down enormously.. not to mention the chlorine smell would permeate my dreads for months.

does anyone know of a latex or silicone swim cap large enough to accomodate a lot of hair?


(no subject)

heres some pictures of my hair...just noticd through these pictures that they dont look great for 3 months on the 16th...some peopel post pictures of 3 month old dreadies and they look so smooth and tight..=(
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i smile alot

My friend and I were talking, and she was talking to her friend, and they had this conversation. it made me smile. 

I Want to Be a Junkie When I Grow Up says:
some girl with dreads smiled at me for no fucking reason today
må??? says: lol
I Want to Be a Junkie When I Grow Up says: it was the highlight of my day
må??? says: wait wait. did she have red hair?
I Want to Be a Junkie When I Grow Up says: uh.. perhaps.. very light red
må??? says:
haha i think that was my friend megan
må??? says: i'm about to go see her in a lil while
I Want to Be a Junkie When I Grow Up says: that prolly was then hehe
I Want to Be a Junkie When I Grow Up says:
tell her she made my day haha
må??? says: lol
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