October 14th, 2004

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So uhmmmm does anyone in here know who the band Crisis is?
I got to see them last night along with Kittie and O-Tep,,,,,

well the singer for Crisis is like 5' nothing,,,, and she has blonde dreads with redish pink tips that almost touch the ground.

My camera is being an ass right now and not wanting to work,,,,, but as soon as I fix it I will post the pictures I have of her,,,,,
Shes awesome.

with having that said.... I think after christmas I'm gonna start on my dreads,,,,,
could someone give me a few tips on starting dreads on shoulder length hair?

Me with pink highlights

hair styles

has anyone here ever cut their dreads to resemble a hair style?

for example, an a-line cut where the front is long than the back?

im trying to figure out if i can do that with my dreads and have it NOT look like crap.
Plead the FIF!

A call for artists to make me a dread tattoo.

There are a lot of artists here so I'm asking the group.

I want a tattoo designed for me.

I want the silhouette of a willow tree that is shaped like a women with dreadlocks. It means a lot to me. I know everyone here isn't religious/spiritual but I had a dream about this image years ago during a rough part of my life. Now it's been almost a totem for me. So I'm really excited about the idea of getting the image on my body. I'm probably going to get it places on my lower left hip or maybe on my left shoulder blade. This would be my first and only tattoo (although I hear they are addictive) so I want it too look good and I might be a bit anal about the design.

If anyone is interested, you can comment here, in my journal or at jgrier at gmail. We can talk about prices as well. If you've designed other tattoos I'd like to see some of your work too.

I hope someone helps me out!
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hey has anyone still reading this board removed their dreadlocks the comb and rip method?
i have a friend interested in taking hers out...but she want to know how much hair she is likely to lose in the process...we are talking thinkness and body not length

Dreadlock revolution in the midst?

Today at school, this girl comes up to me and asks, "Are you DREADING your hair? LUCKY!!!"
A lot of people seem to like them a lot, which is weird, considering I go to all-girl ultra-conservative Catholic school. These girls are the ones who carry hairbrushes with them everywhere and ask to go to the bathroom in class so they can fix their makeup. I thought it was weird that this girl liked them, but pretty damn cool at the same time. Maybe they're changing their ways.
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Hey, my girlfriend just put elastics in my hair to straighten out the dreads and tie down the clumps. It was my idea, but was it a good one? I've have dreads for three months and I just wanna make sure I'm not screwing anything up.
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anyone want animated icon made for them??? im sooo bored

a black girl came up to me the other day at school and asked
'do you got dreadlocks'

i said 'as of a matter of fact i do'

'they're tough'

haahah best thing eva
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Dreaming in Dreadlocks..

Last night....errrr, this morning I had my first full headed dreadie dream!

I have had two dreams before where I sort of had dreads. The first was about a week and a half after I had started my dreads, but in the dream my hair wasn't dreaded, it was just a little messy. I remember during the whole dream I kept wondering why my hair wasn't dreaded. Then probably a week after that I had another dream where all of my hair was dreaded, but the first inch or so from the face back was shaved. That one was uber strange. But then this morning I finally had a full head of dreads. I don't remember anything else from the dream other than the fact that I was a dreadie.

This weekend my dreads get to spend their first weekend at a barter faire....yay Tonasket is finally here!! It will be a blast finally being one of the many beautiful dreadheads at the faire that I have for so many years admired and stared in awe at.

Next Tuesday my dreads (well, the first one I started at least) will be one month old and maybe I will finally have a picture for all of you. But as for now it is off to bed so tomorrow will come more quickly..