October 15th, 2004

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Unfinished Charcoal Drawing

Here is an unfinished charcoal drawing I am doing of _midsommar:

Click on that for a larger image.

It's 2 feet by 1 1/2 feet in size.

It will become part of my dreadlock series, which is an ongoing series. This took about 6 hours to draw so far, and I figure it will look much better if I put another 6 or 7 hours into it from here. I never seem to be able to overwork charcoal, so I don't know how much more time I'll put into it, but I do need to add a whole lot more detail to her dreads and clothes.

For my other drawings, go here:

thought i would share.

Its been more then 5 days since i was told i had lice. Monday; my mum applied the 'nads' lice remover..soon after i washed my hair and discovered the amazing amount of lice that i didnt know i actually had. they just fall right into the palm of your hand..dead of course.. Yesterday while out with my mum a nit crawlled out of my hair and onto my face..where it was then brushed back into my hair..the day before i felt something crawl on the inside of my ear, another nit..today..my hair is full of eggs..Funny thing is, im sure ive had lice for much longer then i first thought. Its not a great thing, and its really only occurred to me as of late that i wont be having my dreads for a few months..I have bald spots! omg..heh, yeah..But what i can say is that i can not wait till i get them back in in Decemeber. And the dreads are 7 months old now..I have half my head still dreaded the rest has been untangled..(painfully and slowly) Are there any sort of prevention methods to prevent lice from attacking your dreads?! If you have any i'd love to know..for future references.

Separating locks?

Ok. Quite a few of my roots are starting to lock up together e.g. the roots of lock A are getting all tangled with the roots of lock B. Should I separate them or just let them do their own thing? If so, are there any specifics methods you would reccomend?

Dread Me

Hey you guys. I have been wanting to dread my hair but I don't trust anyone that I know. Is there anyone that lives near Greenville, SC that would be willing to do my hair for some cash or herb or something?
how happy is the blameless vestal's lot

why is everyone supposed to look the same?

I accidentally posted this in my journal, meant to post it in this one...

Why are we all supposed to want "real jobs"(benefits, 9-5, boring) and "real lives"(someplace 'safe' to raise kids=the burbs, man/woman who works a 'real job')? Why is being dIfferent frowned upon? Grrr. Have you ever been turned down for a job because of your dreads? I know some of you have. Tonight I was supposed to cocktail waItress, temp job, the girl at the agency said they really needed people...well I guess they didn't need people that badly! They took one look at my messy half-dreads and promptly kicked me out! I mean, they were really nice about it, but still! They didn't have to look at me like I was a petty criminal! The rent doesn't pay itself! I think it is more accepted in this world when you're not white to have dreadlocks[just a thought...]. What do you guys think?
made by mike (semester in res)
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alright folks, i'm a newbie so i appoligise if this has been asked but i'm right curious on the subject. a friend of mine was starting to tell me that dreadlocks were actually started in japan, however she didn't have much more knowledge on the fact. it was kind of a friend told me so i told you, now you tell someone kind of thing. therefore i was wondering about the legitimacy of the claim, does anyone have the story on the origin of dreadlocks popularity?

bonous points if you can add in the reason for the trend and if there was any deep meaning to it
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