October 16th, 2004

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Hello everyone! 3:46 am seemed like the perfect time to show you my new hat, and the dreads of course.
They are a little over 3 months old. It took them a while, but they're finally coming together.

have a lovely sleep everybody =D

ps: I was wondering if anyone here has artconspiracy?
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hi I'm new

I'm Bliss nice to meetcha
I have had my dreadies since April.

I crochet them and I also wax them to make all the flyaways and roots nice and tight.
Also I use elastics @ the roots to keep the triangle sectioning defined.
I dye my hair A LOT. It's blue right now.

The dreads in my lj icon are extensions. Sometimes I put them in when I get a bit tired of working on my dreads everyday.

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New baby dreadies !

Okay so Ive started new dreadies. Theyre interesting I should add...I ahd a short in th back long in the front hair cut and i began the front dreads first so i could strill spike theback...and now my frend has dreaded the back for me(shes like my dread babysitter or soemthing) and they all STICK UP LIKE CRAZY i love them. We dyed the tips purple...and yay. they so yummy. I hope to post pictures soon...
Its funny. I work at a relatively busy coffee shop and old ladies will come in sometimes and be like "oh have you got dreadlocks?" and theyll be all squinty and old and cute and ill be like YEAH!! :):):):):) Or little tweens will run up to me, in their "im a mini punk" stage and be like OMG ur dreads are so cute..so i dunno if thats good or not.
Dont the idea of dreads just make everybody here HAPPY?!
Forgive me for my ... excitedness. I cant help it!!!!
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Well yesterday at work i got paint spilt all over in my hair.... i was scared i might need to live with it the rest of my life untill the paint dredies fall out or who knows what, but i got home and called a friend who has had dreads for 12 years now, and he told me to wash as much as i can out and the rest should just dread in... well i washed and ALL OF IT CAME OUT!! im so happy. here are pics after the paint got all out


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Hey guys!
I haven't been very active in this community for the past... almost year?
That's probably because I didn't have dreads anymore :P

I'm going to be putting them back in hopefully this week..
The only thing I'm thinking about, concern-wise, is the intense
frizzing I got when I had them in last time. I'm talking some
seeeeeerious fro'ing going on! ;) Heh... yep.

I'm not going to be using any wax or any products really,
I'd like it to just be product-free and my backcombing
and palmrolling. Any tips or tricks to eliminate frizz?

You guys rock. xoxo