October 17th, 2004

righteous babe

hello FELLOW dreadies!!

yes, i can finally say FELLOW dreadies! five and a half hours of pain and anxious waiting, and it was all so completely worthwhile! i now have a full head of dreaded hair, and i love every one of my 44 new babies. i took lots of pictures, so i'll post them later today- i just wanted to share the news this morning because i was too excited to wait.

but i do have a question- i have a lot of loose hairs, so would it be a good idea to backcomb them again? and the tips are all skinny and weird looking with the hair not dreaded at the bottom- what do i do with those?

much love, everyone! the pictures will be up soon!

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My dreads are about 3 months old, but they're doing really poorly. I love them a lot, but I don't think there's anything I can do. I have real thin hair and the dreading just doesn't want to happen. So, my question is if I try to comb them out now will the result be really tragic...like will most of my hair fall out? Or ya think I'll be okay?

Hmm...it will be sadddd
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I just thought I'd share...

My little sister's budgie (he loves me more than her, HAH!) landed on my head and it's claws got stuck in my locks. The poor thing tried to fly away, couldn't and made a big squelchy noise. Say, 'aww', I know you want to.

Later I was resting on my couch and lovely creature came up and started grooming my locks for me. That is true love right there.

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righteous babe

estan aqui!

hello beautiful people! here are the pictures from my dreading yesterday! i flippin LOVE my friend becca for being so patient with me.. it was BEAUTIFUL outside, so we stayed on her back patio during the process and listened to marley and sublime. it was quite wonderful, despite the scalp pain.


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yo kids..

my name is Lonna and i have dreadlocks. so i figured i fit in quite well here. ive had them for a year. They started naturally last november-my hair was really short(shoulder length) and bleached out. I contemplated cutting them out but since i lived in West VIrginia and it was cold as hell in november- i decided what was meant to be should be..So now i have blonde dreads that do whatever the fuck they want at any given moment. Its kind of symbolic too me because i am a Leo, the lion,born july 26.
Lions have always fascinated me with their presence and charismatic nature.after all, Lions are the King of the Jungle. I feel like these dreads happened for a reason. and my locks, my mane, will grow with me and my life, through experience--this little cub will soon becoming a lioness..raaaAAAAAAAAhhh!!!

heh...anyways..nice to meet everyone. ill have pics soon.
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someone remind me that we are not in this to impress other people.

this is not directly dread related, but certain applies well.
last night i got my nose pierced. i'd wanted it for a while and was really excited. i knew my mom hated facial piercings, but i just moved out of her house. i called her before i did it to get semi-permission. i asked whether she was going to be mad. whether it was going to cause arguments. whether she wasn't going to want me to come home. she answered no to all of these, though she was still very unhappy with my desire to do it. she said i was old enough to make my own decision and that she might be able to adjust to it, like she has with my dreads.
so i did it.
and i loved it.
and then i found out tonight that she was crying last night. that her and my dad are really upset that i went and did one of few things that i knew bothered them. they went on about how accepting they are about what i do with my life and how this was the one thing they said would bother them and i did it anyway. which pisses me off so much cause that was the reason i called before i did it: so they could tell me "no" if they really wanted to. and they said that they think it looks unattractive. i didn't realize they were this shallow until tonight. they think dreads are unattractive too... can't they get over this like before?

so now i'm just pissed and upset.
and to make matters just a little worse, my best guy friend told me tonight that he thinks nose rings look scary on girls. fun, horray, great.
so i don't -completely- regret this, but i'm feeling a little miserable about this.

anyone else wanna tell me a story about how parents hated your dreads/piercing/tattoo and how they got over it.
or just remind me that we're not in this to impress anyone else.

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what's up get up...
such a lovely place this is! my name is erika & come december my locs will be a well earned 2 years old. i had them started in a salon because i honestly did not trust myself & had this odd fixation with them all being parted evenly.
i'm over it now & have been maintaining them on my own for the past 17 months.
my family & coworkers are good people so i never get any shite from them, heh.

i love dreadlocks. they illustrate the passage of time so beautifully, to me.
i think that is why i am always in awe over them, the weathered/intertwined/collection of many days,weeks,months & years in your hair.

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