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[20 Oct 2004|06:55am]

been trying to keep the love for my locks alive, sometimes, because of my own fault, because i forget about them, the love starts to die, and i begin to doubt, but they have ways of reminding me, and in the end all is well...

love always,

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This turnd out cool [20 Oct 2004|09:47am]

i love photoshop!

if anyone has a picture and something artisticly done to it post a link to the picture and i will come up with something

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[20 Oct 2004|02:00pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Dreadie lovin'...Collapse )

Gotta love the pink bathrobe :D

They'll be a year old on December 25th.

Sorry for the funny expressions tee hee. And the bad resolution. My cam is like 5 years old, but it gets the job done.

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[20 Oct 2004|02:21pm]
Has anyone heard of using Dawn or other dish soap on your dreads to help tighten them? I am skeptical...
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[20 Oct 2004|04:03pm]
hi im gonna do my hair in dreads on sunday. im gonna backcomb it but i dont know about wax. can i just use aloe? sorry if this type of question is posted alot, i just dont know. i dont know where to get wax here, and i dont like getting thinks on the internet. anyway thanks in advance.
♥ lauren-marie
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[20 Oct 2004|04:56pm]
my dreads are shrinking! :0 is that good or bad? lol
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Try for Spanish? Maybe a little German too? [20 Oct 2004|08:58pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Mi poquito ratøn Estéban y yo (ach, i can't remember the preterite at all) eståban "chillin'" hoy, escucharadamos un mixo, un disco compacto que tiene cantandos de Joanna Newsom y The Shins y The Walkmen y entonces Estéban mierda en mi mano. Es war nicht "cool", sag Ich. Nicht güt. Es hat gestinkt auch. Dan hab ich meine hende gewasht. Ja, mein deutsch und mein Spanisch war überhaupt nicht güt. Beide.

I thought it was a cute story. Kinda.
If any of it was understandable holla. In the meantime here are some semi-recent pictures of me/the dreads and my outrageously cute little bro.

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[20 Oct 2004|09:01pm]

old pictures, hurrah :)
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[20 Oct 2004|09:02pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

HI! This is an oldie I found. This was taken within the first week. They have grown so much since this pic. My dreads are just barely over 2 months and they are already past my shoulders! They make me so very happy!

Some reasons my dreads make me happy:
I roll out of bed and my bed head is a beautiful thing
They are locking and getting very soft
My girlfriend tugs on them with her teeth..hehe.. shes a silly lady
I can shower less often *I'm lazy*
My hair is an art project, full of beads, embroidery thread, and other miscellany
I always feel very in tune with my inner hippy :)
Ok! Bye luvs!

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[20 Oct 2004|10:44pm]
[ mood | good ]

A special wrap for halloween. :D

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