October 21st, 2004

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cause sometimes u need to waste some time.

Hi all,

I registered dredlock.net a while back without any real grand designs. I had this silly idea about making a portal for people to be able to post pictures, through an image upload tool, and setup email accounts.

Within 10 days of putting it live on the internet to start testing, I had 15 complaints about the site being used to send spam, so I shut it down.

Recently I've gotten over the doubt I have in humanity, and now, I've created an online chat for anyone to talk about dreadies ..

I've turned off the ability to put html tags in the chat, so that if it is discovered by evil spammers, we won't get inendated with ads.

I shamelessly stole our GUDU cropped image for a background tile, if anyone has issues with me using this lovely image, please let me know and I'll find something less lovely to replace it.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email to mcbloom @ livejournal dot com.

Feel free to login and waste some time chatting with me while I am trapped at my 9-5 job.
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Boot to da head!, In YO face!, Yaaaarh!
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loc question...


new to the community but was wondering if anyone could help me.

I started my locs about 4 years ago in Cali and really love them, but since moving back home to St. Louis its been harder and harder to find anyone who does it the way my stylist did back west.

Twice the stylists in STL did the palming and with my hair [no matter how much gunk they put in it :bleck:] it would fall out in 2 weeks. I am trying to get a hold of my old hairdresser to find out what she's done so I can properly explain...but the closest my outside research gave me was that she did a variation of the Rip and Twist. I've watched her feed my loc through the new growth.

I hope I didnt confuse =\

I am feeling rather clueless, and any help would be appreciated!


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silly dread story -

i was staying after school today and this guy i like came up and looked at my hair and said, "i like this." then he walked away a bit and turned around again. "i like it a lot."

this made me giggle.

moving on- PICTURES SOON!

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I've been watching this community for so long, and it's real cool to see everyones pretty pretty 'locks.

My dreadlocks are nearly two years old, and I've recently touched them up and added more beads, and thought I'd share. They're obviously not nearly as nice as some of you beautiful people's though... <3

By the way - I used to use Knotty Boy's dread bar shampoo, but I now find that whenever I wash my hair with it, it becomes brittle and damaged? Does anyone else find that? I've taken to not washing my hair for the moment. Hmm... Anyway.

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