October 23rd, 2004

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alright, so last night my friend dreaded my hair for me.. and they're still sort of sticky because i used that knotty boy wax stuff.. anyways my question is, should i wait for a bit to put them up in a ponytail.. or does it not really matter?
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I look like an idiot in these pictures but oh well...I don't have a digital camera so I suppose I shall post any I get. They are almost 11 months old and look worse in these pictures than in real life, yet they are bumpy and loopy as anything. Ew.

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I washed my hair today. Only two days old and I washed em. It went well. None of em came out a few in the back got a tad loose but those are rebels anyways...backcombing doesnt work on them so Ive been waxing the heck out of em and rip and twisting a little. But...I used Joy dishwashing detergent lol. Hey it takes grease out it dried my hair up good and they smelled lemony fresh lol. Im going to order some liquid Dr. Bronners eventually. Peppoment. Yum.

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I dyed my dreads with henna today.

My family says they can't really see a difference. I can though.
It's like I've got this hazelnut blanket on my head :P I'm glad you don't see the white dots of the dead hairs anymore. My locks feel really nice and I feel like the henna's kinda 'fixed' my hair again :D
I was scared to death my hair would turn out orange though, so I first tried the henna on one of my dreads in the back :)
I wish the flash on my cam wouldn't make my hair shine so much.
They're looking so frizzy and curly coz I've just washed & blowdried them :)

Oh well, all I can say is that I'm really pleased with the result :)

Ohh! Forgot one thing: in order to make sure every dread would be dyed, I had to take out my wrap :(
It was my very first one, I'd had it for about 7-8 months, kinda was one of the reasons why I was hesitating to do this. I must tell you though, after I took it out, I'd expected to see a bit moldish, undreaded piece of gunk under it.
BUT, 't was a rather pretty looking, ropey-ish, with some loops, clean dread instead :D

I've said this to someone a bit earlier: older dreads, new colour, new wrap (coming soon)
It's like a fresh start, for the both of us :)

I can't express enough how much I love my hair these days..

Edit: I hereby promise to post a decent picture of my hair by the time I put my new wrap in.
Which will be in about a week. Promise. You'll see. Yess :)

Hilly xx
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hey, folks. saruh here. it's been a while since ive posted here. my dreads turned uno anno september 6-8. three days of celebration. hurrah
anyway...much has happened since the last time i posted.
my italian teacher, who is one of the only people at school who has only known me with dreads commented on my hair last week...i should preface this following conversation, with the simple fact that she is one of the koolest teachers ever. everything she said was with positive sentiment. and on...
ms mansfield : saruh, how long will you have your dreads for?
me: uhhhhhhhhhh
ms mansfield: WOAHHHHHHh. i remember when djkdjkd came in with dreads. we all knew something was going on when she did that...we were all like WOAHHHHHH ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. yours fit you very well...
saruh: ohhhh goodness, thanks

and then later on in the week

ms mansfield: woahhhh saruh...you have a lot of dreads
last year, i came into her class late because i overslept and she told the class that my dreads were covering my ears and i couldnt hear my alarm clock
HAH amazing
love that woman
andddd what else...urrr ive been seeing many beautiful dreadlocked folk as of recently. it's quite nice. one of them is a teacher at my school. i dont know her but everyday at lunch i peek into her music theory class just to look at them =)
and now...to the visuals
it really has been a while

hope you are all doing well
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