October 24th, 2004

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Hello! I am new. It is so nice to see a community of people so different, diverse, and open, yet all sharing something in common. :) I have had my hair in dreadlocks for almost two years now. I have learned so much about myself through this experience. Many of my friends and family did not want me to let my hair lock but I knew I had to do it for myself and no one else, so I went ahead and let it lock anyway. It is almost like I have become one with the earth, my hair has become my roots. It has been a very spiritual experience and since I have allowed my hair to form locks I have gained an inner peace I did not know I was capable of. Not only inner peace, but personal strength as well. That is I must not go along with society if I feel it is wrong, but I have the strength to stand up and fight for what I believe. I can make a difference.

I find it fascinating that something like my hair can teach me so much about myself that people around me could not.

Enough of my rambling. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere online where you can order headbands or anything to keep your hair out of your face? Also, if anyone has any patterns to make headbands or wraps which are able to stretch like a headband you might buy in the store rather than a piece of cloth that you just tie in the back near your neck?

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my dreads are out of my hair at the moment..they're resting..but soon they'll be in my hair again, and then with some new friends..some green synthetic dreads:D

going to London next weekend! wooho! somebody who have any suggestions of places to go...?like shops, or cafèes or parties? have never been in London before..going with regnbue_fe and some friends:)

my dreadies..I need more fimo <3

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whats everybody dressing up as for halloween????
or any good ideas?
im being tank girl, but i cant think of anything really good for my best friend jen.

i know yous guys got awesome ideas..

um, as far as dreads go, happy dreadoween!
(ive posted enough dread stuff in my day i can get away with a nonrelated post... right jaki?)
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