October 25th, 2004

Plead the FIF!

She's a nice girl but... she's a bit of a Mod ball.

Hey you guys! Remember our super cool chat that mcbloom made? Well, here's what we're gonna do. Every time I go in there it's all empty and I get all lonely. In a community of over 900 people... that's sad. So now there is a specific time available for chat.


Tonight and every night!
8 pm Eastern Standard Time.
get_up_dread_up chat!

I'm not good at doing time zones so if this is a problem for international folks, let me know. You can still use the chat any other time (of course). But hopefully, if you log in at 8 then it won't be so empty.

I'll talk to you guys at 8!

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Yay! :)
I told my girlfriend I wanted her to give me something to put in my dreads. *I was just thinking a bead or some wire or something* And she gave me her sterling silver Claddagh ring that she got in Ireland. She's Irish and Greek. I know it means so much to her, and I was just so honored. None of my dreads are thick enough to keep it in by itself so I did a wrap on my thickest dread and made it really thick and one spot, and I sewed the ring into my dread with clear beading thread! It is very exciting! If I ever get a pic. I will post it! I was so excited, I had to share!

Against odds, Beginning the journey (first post here)

Hello beautiful dreaded people,

Been lurking for a coupla weeks here. And it's been about as long since i last combed my hair. A lot of folx are telling me my hair's too short to lock up, but i'm not going to stress it, i just feel it's time to let the journey begin even if it's to happen slowly...

so one night my best friend came over and spent a few good hours
backcombing my hair as we watched something lame on tv and she took a lot of effort to put in all these tight little rubber bands but i just wasn't feeling it and took them out a few days later, though i felt kinda bad about it (for my friend's sake)

just been kinda into letting the hair do what it wants...not so much telling it where to section, but i don't know if that means it'll be harder for it to lock up being so short and straight...?

i'm having fun just rubbing it in little circles with my hands when i feel fidgety and in the morning and before bed rubbing it for a few minutes with my wool sweater...that's seems to be helping...also i'm not using any conditioner and have been shampooing only with shampoo by Dreadhead H.Q. (which seems oddly reminiscent of an eco-friendly dish soap i often use?)

if anyone has any other tips for me, please holler!

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Hey everyone...

I was thinking about geting a surface peircing on my nap..back of my neck...since i have dreads i was wondering if anyone knew if it would infect it or make it dirtier...

If anyone has any information or suggestions or comments about surface piercings anf could let me know that be great. =) thanks

yea hello blondie

my friend is a special little girl and went over to her house and she had all these fake dreads on her floor in her bedroom after i proceeded to be an asshole and role around in them she put a fake one in with my babies.. they seem to get along. enjoy!
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over the weekend when i was home i took a look at some dreads and tried to tuck a bunch of loose hairs back in with some flossers... it didnt work as well as i hoped and so much hair excaped from a dread right by my face so i decided to wrap part of it... *camera softwear broke =0 (

but while explaining why i did this to a friend when i got back to school, he replied:
-so its like and dread bandaid?...
and his roommate cuts in with:
-its like a dreadaid!...

i was very amused!!! -good times to be had...
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Does anyone here knit or crochet tams, billed tams, rasta hats or whatever you want to call them?
I've been looking around the net for one and I cant seem to find one I like or thats reasonably priced.
I figured someone here might make their own hats. All of my hats I had prior to having dreads wont fit heh so I need something 'cause I live in Michigan and it gets hella cold here.
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