October 27th, 2004


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for those of you who were interested in purchasing hats...
here are pictures of mine, they will stretch to accomodate any size head/ with any size dreads. i can do whatever colourway you want, stripes, or just whatever. it'd be 10 bucks a hat, shipping and all that shit included. check it out and email me at poetress@gmail.com, or IM me on AIM (if you're into that) at i knit you die.
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pocket full of cash., big weed stash

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so 5 days ago i got dreads, and im getting super frustrated becuase my friend braided the roots but now they're just separating into diffrent peices, some are mashing themselves together.. i got kah-razy frizzies.. etc. i know they are so new and i should be patient... but im not! haha.. so my question(or quetions rather) is how long should i continue to backcomb/wax them and should i wash them if they're being super itch?

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:) thanks

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