October 30th, 2004

righteous babe

quick question!!

hey guys i'm sorry this is text only, but i was curious if any of you have heard of a drug called Roxy? i don't know exactly how it's spelled, but thats how you say it.. anyways, i'm trying to find out information about it, so if ya'll know anything, i'd be very content if you filled me in!! (i don't plan on doing it, i promise. this is just for my own curiosity!!!)

Dreadlock Diary

I love my little locks. They're around 60 days old now. I just wanted to confess my undying love for my matted hair. They're all henna orange/red now. Can't really see it in the pictures but THEY ARE! You're all beautiful and I cannot express how AWESOME it is that you have locks.

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ello every one :)

i have been reading posts on this community for agessssssssssss now and iv decided my hair is just about long enough to begin the dreding process. its only about 5 inches long which i know isnt very long for forming dred locks, will it still be possible to u think?

 if i strech my hair down it reaches my nose. and secondly im gonna use wax to help them form and hold them 2gether and what not and i was woundering whats the best stuff to use?

 i know lots of people dont like wax for lots of reasons but at the moment i think its gonna be the best way to from nice neetish dred locks :) and its not like the wax is the dred it just helps in the same way that rubber bands can be usefull. i think/hope.

thanks guys and gals!

ps everyone here has such lovely dred locks its just not fair!