October 31st, 2004

devils night

Well last night was DEF. the devils night... So what did I go through.... Well it started off here at home, my friend picked me up Ben.... We went to Greenville home of ECU... Well this place is fucking GHETTO! Anyways.... i was walking to go downtown from my friends dorm.. As me and 2 of my friends were walking down the road a big black dude up 4 storys threw a 40oz down at us as hard as he could, thank god it did not hit any of us, but my friend Nick flicked him off and the next thing i know about 10 or 11 black guys came running down the outside stairs and i got punched right in the face... This is the second time now i have had this part of my lip split open... As i regained myself from a blackout my other friend was pinned up against a white sports car and blood was sprayed all over it.. MY FRIENDS BLOOD! His ass was getting beat by 2 black guys literly taking turns, I Jumped up and my inner rage came out, i ran up to the one black guy that was punching my friend and basicly put my art around his neck as fast as i could and bent his back so he was in a position he could not move or i could easly snap his neck.. My blood was porin out all over his face below mine.. He has the most scared look on his face as my blood was dripping into his eyes and mouth... I then glanced at my friend laying on the ground and Tears started to drip from my eyes. in one motion i took my left arm off this guys throat and punched him harder then i have ever punched a person in my life... He droped like a sack of potatos into the pool of blood, my blood, my friends blood... i than stumbled my way back to the dorm room i came from after i saw My friend Jerrmy could get up and walk his self.... Nick ran back as everything was going down because there were way to many people for him to even attempt helping us http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v97/Aethaecyn/6b9983e9.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v97/Aethaecyn/7704dc8d.jpg update!: i got back from the hospital, it took 10 stitches and some stitching inside my lip, they also had to do some reconstructive crap to prevent deformity.

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Dreadlocks are love..

How come every dreadhead I see has the most perect, tight, even, thick dreadies!? I have seen one person since I dreaded my hair that has dreads in a similar state as mine, and she looked as though she had just done it that day (rubberbands still in head and all) for the tonasket faire. It makes me so jealous, and yet so happy to see all at the same time. I just don't understand why it happens though. Has everyone around me that has dreads just had theirs forever!? Did they start out with a different method than I? Maybe I just wish my hair would hurry it up and start settling down (although I love my dreads and love watching them change and don't mind being patient for this one thing in life).

On a happier note, Saturday morning was the first time I have ever kissed another dreadhead. Wow, the feeling of dreads on your face that are not your own....mmmmmmmmm. Koka has some gorgeous dreads though, about a year old now. See, more people who have amazing dreads. Humph. Oh well, he was also the first dreadhead to really give me a compliment on my hair. So yay!

Hopefully I will have pictures up for all you wonderful people soon. At least, I think someone was taking pictures at Freak Night. Hrmmmm..

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Happy Halloween Dredsters!
Although i am not a dredster myself, i am a dredster enthusiast. I would someday love to dred my hair, but feel that i probably would regret doing so now, i have lovely curly hair. (not in this pic) anyways i wanted to share with you my fun halloweenyness, i am a hula hula girl, you cant see my fun grass skirt but im wearing one. Anyways, hope you all have fun tonight at parties or whatever youre doing!
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