November 1st, 2004


i hear to many complaints from this community of head stress and such.... Here is a simple answer.

How to do a scalp massage
Scalp massage is the movement of the flesh of the scalp. The finger tips (both hands may be used if one lacks the necessary gripping strength) are placed in a static location of the scalp, next the grip upon the scalp is tightened and relaxed while still the fingertips remain on the same area of the scalp. The scalp itself is manipulated with respect to the scull bone, rather than the hair being manipulated with respect to the scalp.

feel the tightness level of the sides of your scalp, now feel the top of your scalp... if their is a greater level of tightness on the crown of the head, then attention must be paid to loosen that and all other portions of the scalp to equi-tightness.

It is my theory that the negative downward forces of stress and frowning, are catalysts of baldness' occurrence. Then a frown occurs, the downward force draws down upon the top of the scalp, and excess skin accumulates around the chin and neck. If a joyous attitude perpetuates your being, and if an upward force is periodically exerted on the scalp alopecia will be slow to afflict oneself.
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I had to get a replacement driver's license. The clerk asked me if I wanted to keep the old photo or take a new one. "Cuz I notice you have dreadlocks now."

I said "Oh. Um..."

And she said "Show them dreads, girl!"

So now I have a swell new driver's license photo sporting my babydreads. :-)

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ok so those of you who don't use wax skip this entry.and no I don't care that wax is bad. I barely ever use except when i find my self really bored and go hey wax dreads hmm... once like every other month. now. that aside.ive been using dread head hq. ive heard people say bad don't use. and I saw beeswax for sale at hot topic.(evil store I try to resit giving money) called burnys beezwax or grumpys beeswax or something has anyone seen this used this comments. it said conditions and good for dreadlocks which makes me go huh? so any comments just currious.

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a while ago i was looking on this community and someone had posted about doing dred extentions. i think it was a link to a web site that told u how to extend ur dreds perminently with synthetic hair. does anyone have this link i cant find it anywhere nor any simular information!

please help guys!

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hey hey HAPPY Halloweennn

I just have a question and was wondering if anyone has ever experienced it...

I did my dreads like 3 more so months ago...and i put alot of wax at the roots..soo now my hair has grown about an inch and so i bleached the looks great but the problem is where i had all that wax it looks like grey dark because it may be dirt inthe wax or the wax part didnt bleach or whatever...anyone know how to fix this? i was thinking about soaking in hot hot water..but since its so close to my scalp it might hurt yea! hah help would be great
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hey dreadies..

I'm sorry for another text-only, non-dread-related post, but this is very important..

Please, please, PLEASE go out and vote tomorrow. I'm very upset as to how many people aren't taking this election seriously and aren't taking part in it. And honestly, I believe voting Nader is the same thing as not voting at all. Even if you have good intentions, he's an impossible win and you might as well make a REAL decision for the presidency. Please take that into consideration... ESPECIALLY FLORIDIANS!! Our state is SO important in the election!! PLEASE, you guys. PLEASE take the time to get out there and let your voice be heard.

I'm sorry again, but I'm trying my hardest to stop the indifference of even one or two people. Everyone's vote counts. Period.

Much love to you all.

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