November 2nd, 2004

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This needs to be said.

I think something tends to be forgotten here:

EVERYONE was new to SOMETHING @ some point of time in their life.

Just because someone is NEW to dreads doesn't make them any less of a person because of it.

Everyone doesn't things DIFFERENTLY. Can you imagine, what a boring place this world would be if we were all the same carbon copies of each other and if we all did the exact same things all the time for everything in our everyday lives???

Being a human means being an individual with your own thought processes and patterns, ways of doing things and ways of thinking.
Being human also means being able to accept these things in others, and having the strength to HELP instead of HINDER.

Pretentious elitist verbal upbraiding really isn't needed in a community like this.

Please stop the hate.

Thank you


Plead the FIF!

A sad Mod.

I hate to be a bitch. I really do.

I've banned my first user from get_up_dread_up. I feel really bad too. In the past month, I've had a grand total of 37 complaints about this person. I'm telling you guys this so you understand. I'm really trying and I get complaints all the time but I want to be fair to everyone involved. Please, please, PLEASE be good.

Read the community rules.
Like dreadlocks.
Be respectful.
Eat a cookie.

Past that, I don't care WHAT you do.

Edit: I don't want to name any names. I don't think it would do any good in the long run. If you complained then you probably know.

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Do some of you have these icky bits of old wax coming out of your dreads through your tips? Well, I do.
I haven't used wax in ages, so I guess it must be from when I still did. It looks like a mix of wax and fluff though, I've tried pulling it out, but it won't move one bit. Oh well, I guess it'll get eaten by the dreads pretty soonish anyway.
You should see my tips nowadays, they're rounding up so nicely, I can't believe it :)
I'm still very happy with my hair. Love it like mad <333

Oh, and:

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I know I've just posted pics, but I thought I'd share (again)
Apologies to all.

Hilly xx
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righteous babe

In response....

I wanted to whole-heartedly apologize for the say-no-to-nader comment in my previous post. I honestly didn't mean to bash the man or his views (or YOUR VIEWS), because he possibly could make a better president than the lying fools we have running year after year. But i also know that the likelihood of him being elected is slim to none, and I think it's important to take that into account, especially this year. If you believe you're being honest to yourself by voting reform (or green or libertarian or socialist or WHATEVER), then by all means PLEASE do so. I was more directing that comment to the people who don't care about the election whatsoever and vote for him just to avoid conflict between the two main parties. Unfortunately, that's been the verdict of many Nader supporters that i've talked to. Either they don't care, or they neglected to become informed of basic political standards.

For example, I was canvasing today and spoke to a man who was more concerned with the chicken pot pie dripping from his fat fingers than going out to vote for the president of his own country. I begged him to take ten minutes out of his day and make a difference, and he said he had no clue how to even decipher between Kerry and Bush and that he might as well vote Nader since he "won't win anyway". My mouth dropped open a little and I asked if he had even cared to looked into the other runners, and he moved his eyes back and forth between me and his pot pie about three times and said "nah. does it really matter?" I just gave him a sad expression and he closed the door. THAT, fellow dreadies, is the attitude i'm so deathly afraid of. So many people are so consumed in their own gluttony that they refuse to look at the big picture. and THAT is what i'm trying to avoid.

So again i apologize for what i said. ALWAYS act on what you believe in. I have always been a full supporter of that notion, and I'm so very foolish for saying anything different.

Be true to yourselves, and happy voting.

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could any of you lovelys help me out plllease

MY ENDS are a disaster.. they wont lock up no matter what i do.. i've backcombed, rolled, wax-ed, cro-shayed (i have no clue how to spell it so i sounded it out).. and no matter what they wont lock up.. if anyone knows anything i could do it would be appreciated ^_^

comment or IM me (mulqueenexpernce)

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I had a dream last night that the dread I put in first (it hangs in my face, that might be why my brain chose that one) fell out in my hand. It was the oddest thing, and the feeling was rather intense. I don't know. Sometimes my dreams become very physical...this was one of them. The majority of the dread just came out of my head when my dream hand went to push it out of my dream eyes. So strange..
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