November 3rd, 2004

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so i'm trying to be happy because monday was my dreaddies second birthday (actually, monday was the start because the whole month is their birthday! how fun). but i'm not happy because americans have "spoken" but i don't like what "we" had to say.


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Tell me do

My friends and I are planning a comedian/gaming weekend. So I must know, must know:

Who is your favorite comedian?

Also, I love honey nut cheerios.
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Hello fellow dreadheads i need your help. I am writing a paper on dreadlocks. About why people have them and what kinds of problems they have come across because of them (ex. jobs, going places, school, and even parents and friends!) Anything that you want to tell me would be great. I am also going to need to have a point of view against having them and why people shouldn't.
P.s. i am going to be posting pictures later tonight i hope
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