November 7th, 2004

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Ello everyone! i finally got my dreads yayness! there all big and chunky and not very long, i look like sideshow bob mixed with a mowhalk! but yes i loooove them already tis like massive chunky spikes on my head at the moment. i am however really worryed that when i wake up from being asleep the nice dred shapes will have turned into a horrible messy load of randomly matted hair :( and that would be sooo sad! anyways other than that i am very much looking foward to growing me some phat dreadies hehe. anyone have any tips on how to look after them from new and the such like? oh and if anyone could put my fears of waking up with a mess that would be nice to :)

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Just another text only post...

I drank some mushroom tea tonight and when I was coming down I got lost in the mirror. I had my toothbrush (toothpaste and all) in one hand, and with the other I was pulling on my dreadies. I hadn't actually examined my dreads that closely yet, and I must say they are beautiful.

My roommate started dreads last night as well! Yay! More to add to the dreadlocked family. She has a ton of hair as it is (long and thick) and she is going to have such beautiful fatty dreads.

Anyhow, I am awake and bored if anyone else is up and wants to amuse me..
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Negetive influence..

So, when I woke up this morning...err, afternoon..I remembered that last night I got the first verbally negetive comment about my dreadlocks. I mean, people look at me very oddly all the time, and I know what a lot people are thinking, but no one has actually said anything to me about it besides my mom and brothers who hate everything I do anyhow.

But yeah, last night after trippin' for a while I went and wandered around town. I met up with a friend and he was in a gas station buying a beer when these dumb high school boys that were most likely drunk yelled out there window at me. They didn't have the balls to do it while they were standing right in front of me at the gas station, they had to wait until they got in the car and were waiting at the light right next to it to yell "Get a fucking comb and brush your hair...take a shower you dirty fucking hippy!"

Now, I could really care less what immature and unintelligent dipshits think about me and my hair, but how rude. Like my dreadlocks are harming anyone!? Pssshhh.

Although, I probably did smell a little, given the things I had been doing all night and the fact that I lost my deodorant over halloween. Hehe, being a hippie kid is so much fun..
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if any of ya'll remember my dreads...
and the day i chopped em off, i'll be
starting them back up in probably a month,
the back of my hair is too short right now.
if any of ya'll have platnium dreads,
can you post pictures in the comments?

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I don't know why but my scalp hurts an awful lot today. My right front dread keeps on twirling into the wrong direction and some of my bald spots are starting to scare me..

Oh yes, locks have poo-days too :(

I bet it'll be all fine and dandy by tomorrow again.

Just saying :/

Hilly xx
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hey you guys!
I've been reading this community for a long time. I've had dreads almost two years ago but they went all wrong, I didn't knew much about dreadlocks, guess I wasn't ready for them yet:-)
But now I am! I went to the hairpolice(know them?)yesterday and gave all my money of three months saving to get new dreadlocks. It took, ofcourse, a few hours but it went okay and almost painless. My dreads are made with permanent fluid in stead of wax.
But i'm starting to doubt if this was the right way, maybe I was better of with letting my friends dread my hair with wax?
They're really thin and there aren't much of them either :s I know I can't change the number of dreads but does anybody know if there's a way to make them bigger? Or if they grow bigger in time, I know dreads are one big proces so I'll have the patience. But I was curious...I hope someone knows! Thanks a lot and I really really really love you guys here and you're dreadlocks, you're an example for me ;)Collapse )
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i cut my dreads off today.... somewhat relief.... but my ex girlfriend says it was a symbol of something we had.... i feel bad... but since i had an undercut i didnt want to grow my bottom hair and have them babies..... so i cut my dreads and im starting from zero..... in two years my dreads will be flourishing again... but all over my head :) ill post pics of my old ones... i still have them in a bag....

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hi everyone.
ive been snoopin around this site for a bit now....
maybe a year to convice myself that it is ok to make such a commitment to my hair.
and two days ago...i spent six hours knotting my shoulder lengh hair.
its purdy.

i didnt want to be the type to ask a question that has already been i searched the site..and still couldnt find the answer

does anyone know of a place where i can get a tam for cheap...?
or hair wraps?

again...sorry if (and it probably is) a repeated thing...

you all have such amazing hair...i never thought dreads could be so diverse. its beautiful.

also....any tips to keep them purdy are welcomed.