November 8th, 2004

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Okay so here's the deal,
The ends of my hair are fried as fuck from being dyed so much, I then have a few inches of virgin roots. The ends of my hair started getting really knotty and I decided to just let them begin to dread. Now here's the thing, I DO NOT want my roots to dread, I do not wish to have a full head of dreads. I just want the bottom 4 or 5 inches of my hair to be small neat pretty dreads. Is this possible to do without it looking real bad?
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My friends Jamie and Mette came over last night.
Jamie and I dreaded our hair together about eight months ago- actually Mette dreaded jamie's hair and Matt (my husband) dreaded mine.
Anyway, Mette's had her dreads for probably about two years, and last night was the first time I was able to get photos of them.
Yup- so these are the photos.

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hey folks. hope everything's well with everyone.
i washed my dreads today and put aloe vera in them (straight from the leaf). OOOOH THEY'RE SOFT. theyre so happy. my hair hasnt been this soft in a while
bless aloe vera


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in love


all of you beautiful people have made me come to a decision: i am going to grow my dreads. they used to be really long (down to my butt almost), but a little over a year ago i cut them to my chin, and i have just kept them that length until now... but i am a little tired of not being able to put them in a ponytail, and i am getting to miss long hair.
seeing all the pictures on this site of all the lovelies with your insanely long dreads has made me jealous.
so here i go! :D
me (with my hair) and my lovely peter!

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i've had my dreads for about 15 months, and i've never had anyone say anything bad about them. i've only gotten compliments. but today my friend turned to me while waiting to play volleyball, and he says "katie i have to ask you a question."
"yes, alex?" i say
"do you know the social implications of having dreadlocks as a white person?"
"yeah, like that i'm a pothead? even thought i'm not"
"yeah that, and also that it offends other people. you know there's a big group of kids in the school who are offended and angry about it but none of them will say anything to you.. or they just haven't yet"

okay this caught me way off guard and it also bothered me. i mean, i'm not saying that i'm trying to be black just because i like dreadlocks. i got dreadlocks personally for two reasons: 1)i LOVE the way they look and 2) low maintenence. to some of you i may sound like a ditz because i know a lot of you have your dreads for spiritual/growing experience reasons, but personally that's not why i got them. and i'm not trying to be something i'm not. I JUST LIKE THE HAIRSTYLE! so why do people have to get offended by that?

anyway then i felt bad and considered taking them out because i hate when something i do annoys or offends anyone. but then i realized i've had them for over a year already and this is the only time i've heard something bad. so i guess i'll just ignore it.
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well..after the very lovely femminology_ told me I could wear my hair as CUTE as she did, I tried for myself..I come nowhere as cute as she does..but i tried

sporting the 'femme locks' as i have now named it.

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clutch to the bosom!

we can do you clowns.

since it's postarama night or something here...(ha, when isn't it?)
a wee-bit of an old'un but a good (vomitously cute one) none the less!
being henson hippie/muppet manufactured/dreadheads back in the first week of september...

myself (on ze left) and unearthlyfaerie (firey on the right) in a wee park near harrvard square.
m'dreads are betwixt 4-5 years old, and hers were babies here! just mader-ed!

more of us >> un et deux.

*flee* xoxojojo
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whoa, hippie!

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Hello, my name is KT (pronounced Katie). I've been reading this community for a while, and I've just now gotten the courage to post. I'm so in love with dreadlocks. I think they're beautiful in every way possible.

Welp, I've wanted dreadies for a very very long time, and have never gotten them. Last year my friend gave me one in the back of my head and I kept it for months. All I did was put beads on it and I kind of forgot about it [ I neglected my first baby! ] My Mother eventually figured out it was a dread and forced me to cut it out.

Last monday, I gave myself two baby dreadies, but when I showered the next day [ silly me. ] I had to comb them out because they turned horrid. So on wednesday I did them again, and they came out better, and I've been taking really good care of them. I did them mostly without wax. The wax that I did use wasn't really for dreading, but it did work a little bit. They make me happy. I will most definately get full out dreads...someday. I'm asking for permission to get them for christmas. Let's just hope that my parents don't laugh in my face!

I know I'm not really one of you beautiful people with beautiful dreads, but I'm still going to post Collapse )

Can anyone give me advice on how to keep them nice using common things found in the household? (I'm broke)
Thank you in advance!

peace madd,
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