November 17th, 2004

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iiiiick!, I have found these two scabs on my scalp. One at the back of my head and one near my forehead (they are almost in a straight line right across the middle of my head from one another) and I am really not so sure how they got there. The one on the back of my head I found a few days ago, and it seemed to have just appeared. And then today (this evening, after I went through the whole day not noticing, and after messing with my hair while looking in the mirror this morning) I found the other one.

What could this be!? Could I have some icky bug eating away at my scalp or is it just from tension and too much pulling??

My dreads have been in for almost two months now (it'll be two months in two days, yay!) and my scalp hasn't had any sort of irritation up until this..

dreads, tattoos, and overalls

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a whole bunch of pictures of my dreadiness, one picture of me before getting dreaded (to show how much my hair shrunk!), all are rather large, sorry.
if this picture posting works out (it's only my second time), i'm going to post an interesting picture of an old tibetan man with dreads that I found in a book on tibet.
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