November 20th, 2004


OK, we all know the stereotype about dreadheads when it comes to drug use. But i'm wondering about this stereotype.

So my questions are:

What are your opinions on soft (Natural, like mushrooms and marijuana) drug use?

And on harder drugs? (In my opinion any chemicals, refined drugs or synthetics)

And do you/have you done drugs?

Oh and if this post is a little too on the line for leaving it or deleting it, just delete away. :)
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the pills

dread tips

alright,ive had dreads before and i took them out.about three weeks ago i put my dreads back in. after having my dreads the first time i learned some ways to make the dreading prosses go alot faster.
1.when i made my dreads i would back comb,twist and then makes the dread realy tight.
2.i wash my hair every day with non residue shampoo. washing your hair damages your hair and helps tighten up the dreads.
3.on the weekends i dry my hair by putting it in a towel for 5 minutes and then drying it.the heat damages your hair and makes the dread tighter.
4.four days after i made my dreads i wrapped them.kind of the way you wrap balle shoes.i left those on for a week.this wrapping prosses makes the dreads tighter and round.
5.i sew my dreads.

all of these steps should be done in order.

random stuff & some questions.

Well, I've decided I want dreadlocks more than anything right now. I've wanted them for a long ass time, as well. In early august/late July I posted in here with all my questions and at a time I had even had 'dreads'. I had to take them out because 1.they were rushed and not done very well. mom despised the whole idea of me getting them. The night I had them we had a huge fight (my mom and I) which ended up causing me to take them out.
I don't know what makes me love dreadlocks so much. Everytime I see them on people in person it takes all I have not to run up to them & touch their dreads. Dreadlocks are gorgeous.
Anyways, I know all of you know this. I guess I just wanted to get it out.

Tonight, I'm having someone part my hair for me & I'm going to start dreading my hair this evening.

Also, I know this is a stupid question but, my memory is like completely horrible & I forgot. How long should I wait to wash them?

Thanks to everyone that has helped me & given me advice.

When I start to dread them..expect many pictures of my hair as I go. :)<3


Did anyone ever have a problem w/ there dreads when they first started did there bodies towards the roots become really loose? How did u guys fix it?
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