November 21st, 2004

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i just found this community through meeting nollipop on a nite out!

There's so many beautiful people with such beautiful hair. i love u all. Keep up the good work, you know the itching and the flaking is worth it! :> *big smile*

here's a pic of my 3 years old hair! (its the best one i have, and its at leeds festival!)

Another question...

One year ago today was the last time i had my hair totally undreaded for the whole day. Tommorow, and the day after that is their 1 year old birthdays (Yeah it took 2 days for me. :p) and i'm thinking of just trimming them a bit. BUt i was hoping i could get some advice from you guys on trimming. Is it a good idea? Most of my dreads are well locked up throughout the middle, like "no-way-i'm-combing-those-out" tight. So i guess any pointers would be appricated. And yes i plan on getting someone i can trust to do the trimming. ;) and yes there'll be before and after pics. :)
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today i went out for lunch with my mom. while we were standing in line, i caught a glimpse of an older black lady behind us with gorgeous dreads. i'm too shy to talk to other dready people, so i didn't say anything.

but then when we were leaving, there was a tap on the glass. and i looked over, and she was sitting at a table next to the door. smiling widely, she pointed to me, and then to her hair, and gave me a thumbs up.

it totally made my day <3
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listen to primus. eat half baked. blaze. repeat...

hello beautiful dreaders. i've been spying on this community for about a week and had to join. i had shoulder-length bleached locks, 7 months young. you're all so beautiful it makes me sad that my dreads arent like that yet. i'll have pics of my baby set when i get my digital camera back. and does anybody else here use knottyboy wax? ive gooped my head up with it for the whole seven months ive had my babies and it's worked wonders and made them not get too gross, even though i like out-of-control dreads.
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i have so many dread realted things to say, but i never post them...

1. i had a horrid dream that my back dreads broke off. i woke up freaking out and ran to the mirror. luckily, they are still there and beautiful.

2. there are two girls at my school who got dreads alittle after school started. i thoguht we could be friends, but everytime i see them in the hallways, they give me dirty looks and i am sad.

3. there are so many people in this community that are awesome and i wan tto be friends with in real life.

4. i love dreads and this community.

the end.