November 22nd, 2004

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hey guys, my locks are feeling super duper today, havent felt like that in a while, its awesome to finaly be out of that oh-oh-my-locksies-feel-like-shit mood, grr, im sure you know what im talking about, so im posting!

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I work at starbucks and today someone accidently got some whipped cream in my hair. I jokingly got mad and said "now it'll never come out! You watch though, it'll do something great and Ill have to publish my findings: Whipped cream works wonders for dreadlocks"
She laughed and said this:
"You know, I do have to tell you- you've got nicer dreadlocks than Ive ever seen on any other girl. Usually they're really dirty- but yours are always clean"
I explained to her that clean hair dreads while dirty hair doesnt as easily. The chances that she has ever known anyone with dreads is slim, so this may have been a pre-conceived notion about dreadlocks (that they're dirty) but I was happy that I potentionally swayed her thinking in the correct direction :)

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I'm having dreadlock withdrawls. I wake up, touch my hair and they aren't there. I've cried a few times, actually.

I need them. I'll be doing them shortly, once my hair grows.

What do you silly-dread-headies recomend for hair growth? I'll do anything. ANYTHING to have dreadlocks again. Really.


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My first *really* bad dread experience

Hey all,

I'd like to consider myself a nice, friendly member of the dread community. I wash them, I dreadball a bit when the loose hairs get really crazy, and I think I've done a decent job raising my 11 mo dreadies. I get a lot of, "Wow, I didn't know you can wash dreads" and "So you don't do drugs?" but I'm glad to dispell any misconceptions people have if they're brave enough to talk to me about them. I'm also used to stupid things like people choosing to stand on the bus when the only open seat is next to me....

But today was the first open act of dread-hatred I've ever experienced. I have a 45 minute bus ride to and from university (I'm in biomedical science at the university of ottawa), so I usually nod off at least for a bit when I've had a long day. Today was no different, but when I got home, I found that some motherf*cker had STUCK GUM IN MY DREADS.

I can't think of many things that could possibly be less respectful, and can only imagine what sort of ignorant asshole did it. I'm hopping mad, I am. But not british. I only pretend to be british when I'm hopping mad.

However, I seem to have dodged one hell of a bullet in that they managed to get it just barely stuck to a few loose hairs on the end of one of my dreads. I only lost about 3 hairs taking it out. It could have been a real back dreads have really locked up like crazy (as you would expect for dreads of their age). So I'm counting my lucky stars about that.

Much love to everyone out there sporting dreads in spite of assholes like Mr. Gum-on-the-bus. I know I've definitely never felt better about having my dreads (can anyone say spite? :))
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I posted in here awhile back and havent posted since, buuuut ive been reading and i watch everyday and ive taken a few pics! here are a few of me from when my locks are 3 months old and then 5 months. I appologize for the crappy quality...all i have is a picture phone. =(

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me in the corner

dreaded kids are the shit

I just joined earlier today, so i thought i would post some pictures of my pretty hair. Since that seems to be the thing to do. My dreads will be be 9 months old on the 26th, so that's exciting. They seem to be looking pretty decent today. It's funny how some days I think they look so shitty and other times I think they look awesome because I realize that they always look pretty much the same to everyone else.

So anyways, some other things about me. I go to college. I am an art major and my ambition is to be a tattooist. Or a graphic designer if that doesn't work out. I drink and smoke a lot of weed. I grew up in northern California. Now I live in New England. I'd like to move to Montreal when I graduate.
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made by mike (semester in res)
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soo, my hair is getting really weak, to the point where i'm frightened that some of my dreads are going to break off. they took me a while to dread so i've only had them for varing amounts of time, from 5-7 months. i put in some lemmon juice and salt water every now and again to make them pretty and just wash with my bars of soap, is there anything that anyone has found makes they really rather strong?