November 23rd, 2004

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I've had my dreads for about 4 months now and I've noticed that some in the back towards the top have seriously dreaded together at the roots. I think it must be from resting my head on the pillow, its worse on the right side too and thats how I normally sleep. So anyways, what can I do to help fix this? Its very difficult to do anything but try to rip them apart myself(which I try to do occasionaly) as I cant see them back there.
Any suggestions? please and thank you :)
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i know i just posted pics recently

but last night i was bored and i figured out that if i just tie all my hairs up in sort of knots with each other on top of my head they just stay there by themselves. no need for elastics or pins ever again! i even went to sleep with them like that and it stayed. woohoo! i don't know why it took me so long to try this...

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PS. anyone here in ontario (and beyond..?) heading to ottawa for the bush protest on the 30th?
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so any of you still livin at home and your parents HATE your hair? mine do. today i layed in bed all day i had the funny bed hair, you know what i mean. and my parents came home around 5ish saying "were going out to eat and then geting food for turkey day" so....i stagger out of bed manage to put on a pair of pants and a hat.....flash forword 20 minutes we get to the restaurant and its fucking like a million and ten degrees in there so i take my sweeter jacket gloves off.....start sippin at my tea that was just brought and then take my HAT off "OH MY GOD HANNAH PUT YOUR HAT BACK ON GOOD GOD DEAR LOOK AT YOURSELF!" my mother puts her head down in her hands and i just laugh....the rest of dinner i seemed to just piss them off more and more(im driving them crazy? but isnt that what ALL 17 year olds are soposed to do expesholy when your like....4 months from 18 ha). so anyways. next stop was 4forless and by this time i put my hat back on because my mother was so god damn embarrassed by me, but this just made me want to piss her off more. so we get into food4less and i take my har back off and start rubbing my head against her sholder, this makes her way mad and she exclames "get the hell away from me" "what mom its just hair!!!" so i then refuse to put my hat back on. and she leaves the store. LEAVES BECAUSE OF MY HAIR! my father made me go back out and get her cause he had no money and she needed to pay. she was so angry and disgusted at me the hole night it just made me poke and prod at her more and more. anyways. i guess my story is over. i was gunna say "sorry for this pointless entry" but i always think its sillie that people say "sorry for this entry" so i guess im not sorry if you think this is a pointless entry and heres a lame picture i just took.
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updated me


i, sadly, am in the process of removing my dreadies (got mold in 2 of em and a few others were breaking off) theyre almost a year old and i have been able to get the bottom half out thus far... however (theres always a however), the top ones are slightly thicker and more firmly knotted... so heres a few questions for anyone who has removed all/ some of their dreads (by combing out or the like):

1) how long did it take?
2) how bad was the damage when it was over/ how did you fix it?
3) what process did you use to remove them?

any info about this would be awesome... im crying on the inside for having to even bring it up or having to do it at all... but alas, if at first you dont succeed...
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My mum and I were being silly in a store the other day, and I was joking about how I should wear these HUGE christmas ornaments as earrings, so I actually looped it around my ear, and my mom insisted on taking a picture (camera phone, so excuse the bad quality), so here it is. It's dread related.. cause.. uhh.. you can see my dreads? Ha! Or something.

And a question for you guys, do people sometimes hide things in your dreads and think it's funny when you try to find them to get them out? My friend sits behind me in my English class, and she spent 15 minuets hiding random bits of 'stuff' in my hair, and it took me over an hour to find it all. Kindof fun, like a scavenger hunt almost. :D
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I haven't dropped by in a while. So here I am. With pictures of rather freshly-washed dreads, about four months old.

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My mom asked me a while ago why I liked dreadlocks so much. I grabbed my hair and told her I loved feeling knots and chunks instead of loose hair all over the place. I don't know why that is so exciting -- tangible proof of something, I guess. Progress that I can compare to what was. Until I wrote this down, I didn't know how much that reply meant to me. She was probably a bit grossed out, but hey -- my parents are finally, since july, touching my head again. As for me, sure, sometimes I get sick of having hair like this: loose hairs tickling my face, big and soft loops, itchy scalp, "special" dreads appearing out of nowhere. But I really prefer this to what it was before. :)
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