November 24th, 2004


I'm a night person so this is kind of like the afternoon for me....

So since I too have happened to wash my dreadlocks today, I can't remember the last time I did that, I decided to share a few recent pictures of my hair. This one is from my girlfriend's birthday the other weekend. First she tied the pink ribbon from a present around a dread. Then she decided I needed the bandana for an accessory. As for the final touch I had to pose with my gift to her. Oh and you can see my new favorite shirt that I received in the mail on election day.

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I think I've had them for about two and a half years now. I know the last time scissors have touched my hair was my 18th birthday...and that was to just to even it out for my dreadlocks.

Next few shots are about where I work and my pre-dreadlocked hair picture. My friends are curious about what my job looks like because I work in a factory that makes bottle preforms for Coka-Cola. I think we're responsible for the entire west coast. So if you drink a Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dasani, Minute Maid Lemonade, Nestea, Dr. Pepper, Fanta(I think there's one more can't remember) then it has gone through my work station at some point. I've decided to let you people get in on some of the pictures before all of my friends.

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Woah, ended up writing more then previously intended.

Oh yes. I just wanted to mention that I'm attempting to bleach and dye a few dreadlocks tomorrow night. I've never ever done anything like that before. Wait no, I'm not girlfriend sarar will be attempting it. I'm little anxious to see how my hair reacts to the bleach.
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well there. before i say anything else, i'm a loser i guess and don't have any pics to post (lack of having a camera and scanner are the cause) so someday i'll try and get em put on a disk, but for now i just wanted to say hello. i've been watching this comm for sometime now on and off...and i LOVE the pics! freakin awesome. anyways, my dreadies will be 13 months old in 2 days, and they went from brown to blonde about 2 weeks ago. so there's fun stuff happening...i guess. (i've never been completely blonde before, so i guess that's why)...i think they're doing pretty well, and i'm excited for them to keep growing. so...i don't know what else to say...alright...hi!

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hi, im carie. im new : ]. i'm 16 and have wanted to get dreads for a few years. but only in the past year or two have i had complete controle over what i do to my hair. and for somereason last year i chopped all my hair off (and it's been growing out, but i have a problem with cutting my hair when im bored.) ehh anyways. im becoming very impatiant and sence i am a virgin to the whole dreadness (and you all have sexhair), i have some questions, if you can answear at least one that would be awesome.

  1. would dreads look good on me?
  2. how many of you dreaded your own hair, or had clueless friends help?
  3. if i were to go somewhere where would i go, and how much would it be?
  4. if you did it on your own, are there any basic tips you can share? or any steps to follow?
  5. lastly, what do you do to keep your dreads nice looking and non- moldy/buggy/ you know.

thanks, and here is my pictures.

 i'm the one on the right. sorry, my hairs up and i have a creepy face. but my hair is as long as the sides in the front, and like a few cm angle to the back (not-so-dramatic-a-line). iiight thanks. 

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aloe aloe... *cringe*

Mmmmki, so aloe vera gel stuff. I don't have a plant, I really CAN'T be bothered to buy one just to squeeze the goo out of it to stick in my hair. Having searched high and low in various chemists and 'au natural' kinda shops, I can only find tubes which say '100% aloe vera' but then when you look on the back it contains tiny amounts of preservatives as well... is that ok?? I mean it's not like alcohol or loads of other chemicals, just a few tiny preservatives, and I figure that without them, surely the gel goo would rot in my dreadies. So is it ok to put in my hair?