November 26th, 2004

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I spent thanksgiving alone due to our apartment job (we are the security people for an old folks home)
anyway, I wanted to share this post because
1) it shows off my dreads
2) its a kick ass pizza.

Alright, final thanksgiving post.
Matt brought home some mashed potatoes and stuffing leftovers for me. I made myself a pizza as a main course.
I was proud of how it looked because it cost probably 1.50 in total and trader joes sells almost the exact same pizza (only smaller) for 5.00. I had matt take pictures of me with the pizza so I could show it off.

It had pesto and toated pine-nuts and tomatoes. It was really good.

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hello folks...

i have some k-boy dread wax and tighening gel up for sell on ebay, $5 bucks! i dont use it anymore so yeah... the wax is brand new too, gel is half way used. also, a lot of 5 jars of manic panic hair dyes.

here here!
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Let's try this again. And this time I'll post in the community instead of my own journal. LOL
Just found this community and joined up. Looking forward to talking locks.
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if you unknowingly have mold in your dreads... can it get you sick?

because i know that if mold is growing inside the walls of your house and stuff, you can get extremely sick from it.

soooo.....i was just wondering if it was similar at all.
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Dread Washing

..heya ^^ I haven't seen any posts about washing dreads... I don't really think they need washing but it's been a couple of months and they smell like vanilla ^^ I REALLY miss being able to submerge my head in water.. and in the UK the freezing salty sea might well turn me into a meat popsicle.
I have chemical free shampoo from wayback but it smells so rank i dont want it near me, and I kinda skint so cant afford to buy anything special.. i thoguth a mixutre of towel drying and blow drying and not shampoo at all. Any other ideas? I wanna submerge my headd dammit :( x
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Has anyone ever said something really sweet about your dreads that just made ya want to melt inside? Last night my boyfriend said something to me that I just had to share cause I think it's really sweet.

Him: I wish I could shrink miniature size and frolic through your dreads as though they were a magical forest of mystery.

Aww. Iunno, I thought it was really cute. xD
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