November 29th, 2004

To dread or not to dread?

I'm thinking of having my hair dreaded and wanted to ask the opinions of people who already have them before I take the plunge :)My hair is fine and a bit dry and weak from dying. the main things I'm worried about are the permanence and the feel on the skin. I don't know anyone with dreads, do they feel rough or tickly on your face and neck usually? I can get really irritable from having my loose hair touching my face, so I'm a bit worried about this one. And I get bored easily, especially with my hair, so if after a few months I decide I can't live with dreads will I be able to get them out without shaving it all off? I'd also like to know about maintainance and upkeep of skinny dreads on fine caucasian hair, if they need a lot of babying etc. A hairdresser friend of mine had his hair dreaded and then washed/brushed it out a week later because of the itching. I had braids for a few weeks and the itching and dandruff nearly drove me mental. I never get itchy or druffy usually, and cos I'm only five feet tall everyone could see it :( So, any input and experience very appreciated :)
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I really wish i could just grab some of your dreaded heads and start working on them. Everybody get an "A" for effort, but GOOD dreads are alot of work, and i don't think everyone knows that. I'm sure almost everyone knows but is a very good sight, even though there somethings that site doesn't mention. If anyone wants advise from somebody (ME) that works on hims dreads constantly e-mail me.

Thank you and happy dreading

all over the place!!!

MANY of my hairs have gone absolutly haywire recently and they keep pulling out of my dreads =0 \

they 3 months nov 22/23...

i hope the hairs will quit pulling out, ive never had this much (especially around my ears and top of head)... *Arg*
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hello my wonderful dread-headed folk.  silly little dread update:

1. my hair is growing so much and this makes me happy.  also because the undreaded hair on the bottom of my head is starting to dread itself.

2. i cut off my friends hair today.  she had long, gorgeous, blonde ringlets.  anyways, i took one of the locks and sewed it to one of my wavering dreadies.  the little blondeness looks awesome with the brownish-ness of my head.

3. i've been going crazy wanting to cut off my hair just to see what it would look like. ha.  im nuts when it comes to hair.  i love it.  and i LOOOOVE to cut it.

4. i am sleepy.

5. goodnight loves.

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