November 30th, 2004

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a few years ago i cut a dread out of a friend of mine's hair.
now i am thinking of sewing it into my hair, so that i will have a nice little blonde dread to go with my brown.
is that gross? because it's been in a ziplock bag for like 3 years?
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I just found out my friend dreaded his hair..

More join the minions..bwahahaha

(sorry, I am in an odd mood today. I already made my philosophy group agree to do a movie where all we do is run around in Hume's State of Nature. Wow, what fools they are for listening to me!)

That, and this morning in my half asleep state I got off the computer and thought to myself "Wow, I should brush my hair." And then like point two seconds later I was all "What the fuck? No I shouldn't. That would be stupid!" Just random I tell you. For a moment I seriously forgot I had dreadlocks.


I have found my camera cord! So you know what that means... PICTURES! woo hoo!

Also i'd like to bring something up amongst the guys of this community...

You know, the girls are really beating us for nude artistic shots. Soooo I'll include one in my bunch of photos, it's actually the first risque (?) shot i've ever done... It's nothing much, but i think i'll start out slowly. lol If anyone else has some ideas for artistic nude poses or a good webpage for it i'd like it if you sent it along. :)

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later days!

Edit: i messed up the html so it wasn't showing one of my pictures. It's fixed now. :)
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helloooooooo everyone! just thought id post this as its soooo damn funny, especially if u rember the program from when u were a child! tehe (not sure where it was broadcast other than UK). Its not dread related really so i shall remove if its not welcome but i just thought it was really worth shareing with all the lovely dreadheads out there! :P


ps is worksafe and the such like i would say *nods*

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alright. here is a link to my music site. please go there and pay homage to the killbot. i cant really describe it but uh... its kinda like a horror movie soundtrack if the movie is about a machine that destroys humanity. or bunnies. your choice.

feel free to add me.

and to make this dread-related, a picture of me brushing my TEEF.

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hey you!
they're like uhhh a month old on next's going well I think. Little bit itchy but I'm surviving that! I thought of the positive sides of paying so much for my dreads when they can made for free by my friends or grow natural, 1: they were almost immediatly very tight 2: because they were so expensive I can't think about combing them out after a short time. I thought about the last one yesterday when I had my first dreaddepression ;) And I already love them again today.
I'm sorry, this goes nowhere..I'm bored ;) anyway, they are fine fine, I'm looking for some nice wooden beads to put in them, here in amsterdam..can't find them yet. Maybe some of you are from amsterdam and know where I can get them?


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in love

check it out!

so last night i was sort of bored for awhile, and i decided i wanted to make little helpers on two of my dreads so that they would be long enough for me to tie together to keep my hair out of my face... i really like them:
me from the front with the little helpers (really terrible picture of me - don't be alarmed)
my hair tied back with the dealies
but of course, i really liked making them, so i ended up doing 5 just in random spots on my head...
my favourite one - notice the skull bead :)

i still have not taken any nudie pictures. they are coming. just be patient!


Hey kiddies. I heard the rumor of naked pics, and since I had some on hand, I thought I'd post. :)

I shot these trying to get into SuicideGirls, but they were rejected, so try try again, right? But at least my dreads look cute.

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How many people go to post in a community, and post it in their own LJ first? I do it EVERY time!

So, I was playing with my dread extensions last night, and I put red ones in my hair, and I was showing my mom, and I told her I had blue ones too, so she tried one on. My mom's so silly. (If you remember a post I made awhile ago, I posted my mom wearing my tam, haha, I luv my mum!)

And here's little 'ol me.

(If this is annoying, let me know and I can LJ-cut it)
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Plead the FIF!

"If you want my moddy and you think I'm sexy..."

Alright, here is the low down on the livejournal nude pictures policy:

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Basically, it's like this. If you post nude pictures they ALL must be in a friends only post, under an lj-cut with a warning (i.e. Not Work Safe). I'll have to check to make sure any dreadheads who post nudes are over 18 by checking their user infos. I'll bold this so there are no mistakes.

If you post a nude picture and you do NOT have a birthdate in your user info or you are a minor, I will delete the post. If you continue to post without a birthdate or if you are a minor, I will ban you.

I hate to do this but if I don't this whole community could be deleted. I don't want that and I'm sure you don't either. So far, everyone who has posted has been legal age. Keep it up. No kiddie porn. And play nice. No making fun of the nudies or they might run away. And then no one gets dread porn.

That's all.