December 1st, 2004

sowwie but its been a rather bad day

*cries* i was trying to redoo some of my dreadies and i was undoing one (there only 4 weeks old so its not to hard they havnt really dreaded yet) and my arms started to hurt because im not used to holding them over my head and i have rather chunky arms (rugby player build, though that is where the simularity ends lol) and i ripped to hard in my frustration and pulled a clump of hair achally out of my scalp :( it wasnt massive about 1 cm across at the root if that but im so scared now that it will show and that it wont grow back.

i know im probably being silly and it will so grow back just fine but for the love of god will someone please reassure me of this or i will achally cry.

*feels totally useless, crappy and ugly*

ps *has poor self image*
SouthPark Me

A decision.

I have thursday off next week (the 9th of December). All day. I don't need to be at work until 1 in the afternoon the next day.

As such, this is the perfect time for a Toronto Dredhead get together (because we all know that the world centres around me)

Beautiful people from Missisauga, Guelph, and/or Oak Ridges (or elsewhere in the non 416 world (I've heard rumours that it exists) and beyond) are welcome to come.

Thursday. The 9th. December.

Lets do something. All day, or part of the day, whichever works for the rest of you.

Who's up for it???

Beware Of Flying Dreads!

OK, I'm not posting a naked pic or writing anything inflammatory about the proper way to grow or maintain dreadlocks...

So I guess a lot of you guys should stop reading right here.

This is just kind of a funny story about something that just happened to me here at work. I'm even putting it behind a cut to be nice.

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I can't believe I forgot to tell everyone!!! :O My boyfriend found someone to put dreads in for me this Sunday. Can't wait!!!! :D

PS: does anyone know where you can buy knotty boy shampoo or dread shampoo in RI?

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I'm looking for some advices. I'd like to die my dreadlocks, but I want that the color doesn't go away quickly and I'd like something original (maybe two colors or i don't know...). What do you think I should do ? Bleach my dreadlocks ? and what colors are well together ?
sorry for my bad english and thx in advance !
dead zone johnny & sarah

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Does anyone know if there is a way to fix flattened dreads? Mine are coming up on a year old soon and I just let them do thier thing, no palm rolling, no wax, nothing. Some of them have flattened out I'm guessing from sleeping on them. Is there anything I can do to make them circular again? Like maybe sleep on my other side and not have them flat up against the pillow for a while? Or do I just have to deal with it?
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(no subject)

i cant wait till i get my dreads back in..
*sighs*..i miss them so..its been well over two months..
or not..but since a month..yeh?!
i feel so nakie without them..
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this may seem like a stupid question.. im not too sure If it has been asked before. i have been lurking for a while and havnt seen it brought up buuut... If the ends of your dreads are normal hair and unknotted then can i perm the ends?
If I wasnt as poor as i am i could afor a camera and show you my head as it is now.. but thats not the case:P
but i appreciate your input thanks in advance
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