December 2nd, 2004

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i have two questions.

#1 has anyone tried this method of getting the ends of their dreads to dread: melt beeswax sheets, then dip the ends of your dreads into it. i admit, i did this when i had dreads. i looked rather foolish for a few months, until my hair grew over the wax. also, the ends of my dreads were really hard and it hurt whenever they hit in the face...maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

#2 does anyone have any recommedations for dreading my hair, even though i'm thinning quite badly on the top (this is why i got rid of my dreads in the first place). i'm looking for ideas other than hair restoration treatments or extensions, simply because i'm not into that sort of thing. i'd really like to have dreads again, but i'm afraid it will never happen. unless i just dread the back and sides and leave the top. but i'm thinking that will look ridiculous.

- derke -
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and because I want to keep everyone everywhere updated:

I just got home from the hospital yesterday. Well, the night before- but yesterday was my first day home.
I had gone because my left eye wasnt turning all the way to the left with my right, causing double vision/cross eyed nonsense. When I got to the eye department they realized my eyes were fine and that it was the nerve that controls that muscle that was having the problem. Its called a 'sixth nerve palsy' so they had me get an MRI late, late that night to make sure that I didnt have a brain tumor pushing againts that nerve.
They woke me up the next morning and luckily hadnt found a tumor (probably my biggest fear) but they had found white matter lesians (sp?) on my brain. The white matter part of your brain are the wires, and the coating over my wires has been destroyed in various places. This would explain the eye thing. Anyway, the admitted me (Ive never even stayed the night in a hospital, let along any of this!) and had me wait another 24 hours for a spinal tap.
After another 24 or so hours (lots of blood drawing and IV pumping later too) I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic neroligical disease that generally effects women more than men, whites more than blacks, and mid-westerns more than other places in the world. My chances were pretty high once they saw those lesians.
Anyway, Im doing pretty well. I was really worried about the tumor, so Im just happy that its not that. This wont kill me. It may paralize me and leave me without vision- but it wont kill me. I keep coming back to that.
MS effects everyone differently, so there is really no way to know how severe it will get. Some people are in wheelchairs within 10 years, some have to use a cane once and a while and you would really never know they had it. My goal is to be optimistic about whatever ends up happening. I have an amazing support of friends and family around, so Im sure that helps.
In the meantime though this means daily injections and sterioid injections if I get another 'flare up' (the eye etc). That minorly sucks, but at least Im not going to die :)
Anyway, Matt (my husband) took some photos of me (and my dreadlocks!) while I was at the hospital, and I wanted to share them so at the end of this mildy depressing post so that you wont all feel too bad :)
Here is the entry from my photo journal copied and pasted, I dont feel like editing it for this community specifically:

Okay, god- its great to be home.
I get to update with hospital photos! The ironic thing about this entire weekend is that although Ive never been hospitalized, Ive always had a huge curiosity about them. Dont even ask me how much Discovery Health Channel Id watch if we had it. I dont want to talk about how interesting I think it all is.
But the fact is, I love that we're just a series of tubes and matter and electronic stuff. Thats really cool.
I got to see my MRI. It was midly scary because of the white matter lesians (sp???) on my brain, but also really cool. It was super awesome when they got to a slice that had my eyes in it. I was copies of all of it. So cool.
Anyway, here are some photos that were taken at the hospital. Enjoy etc.

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Well, the dreads on the top of my head are starting to thicken up at the roots. Which for two and a half months isn't all that bad. The only thing is I am scared if my roots thicken up and I one day have full dreadlocks from tips to roots, I will acquire a lot of bald spots. Am I the only one who kinda wants their roots to stay loose, loose enough to fill in the gaps between dreads!?

I know this gorgeous woman who has dreadlocks down past her waist, but you can barely even tell they are dreaded because only about the bottom foot or so is dreaded. It seems the rest she just let grow and it's all straight. Not that I want that much straight hair at the top, but still..

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i have more and better ones, but i'm still working on them. meaning, i haven't taken the time to resize them yet. but soon...! once the semester ends, if not before then.
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so does anyone have problems with there dreads going flat??? like some of my fatty dreads have gone from nice and round to FLAT clumps...maybe im neglecting them too much lately, is there a way to reverse this little problem?