December 14th, 2004

Hemp-tie action!

Hey fellow dreadyheadies,

My dreads are 6 days away from their first birthday!!! I'm going to make a birthday post around then, it's crazy to see how much they've changed!

Today I washed my dreads, and had to go out (and it's friggin cold up here in Ottawa!), so I went to put my hair in a pony tail...only to find I'd lost my hair elastic. I happened to have a hemp bracelet on hand, so I figured why not try that....and it turned out really cool! So of course I had to take pictures.

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Plead the FIF!

Quick question:

I noticed a lot of the posts say things like "EDIT: IF THIS OFFENDS YOU, PLEASE DELETE!"

Am I power hungry? Am I delete happy? If so, I want to be official:


Honestly, I haven't deleted a post for being off topic in months (except the occasional community spam and the one about dirty hippies). Don't be scared of me. I'm friendly and don't bite.

Peace offering.

*showers of candy*
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girlfriend interview

so i have been charged by my housemates to get a girl
their requirements are as follows:
--at least one foot shorter then i (i am 6foot 1inch, do the math)
--must be cool (this was mentioned at least three times)
--redhead if possible (must compliment their blonde and brunette girlfriend team)
--able to leap buildings in a single bound while reciting poetry
--able to play bass guitar or other percussive instrument
--like vegetables enough to kill them and eat them
--no fear of water
--willing to move anywhere at ant time

obviously i will need to have skills to attract the ladies that meet these stringent requirements
my skills are as follows:
--i am a poet
--have dreadlocks
--i am cool
--i make a fucking mean chai tea
--my beard is red, my hair is blonde, and my other hair is brown (a trifecta of hair color fun)
--i can lift a building while reciting poetry
--i can discuss nietzsche, chuang tzu, marx, and the wise, compassionate, bhudda
--i swim
--established photographic model (pictures will follow)
--i love all colors
--published author
--superhero (but only mondays and tuesdays)
--i make soap

information needed on the application is as follows:
--name (real, imaginary, fake, whatever)
--height (see above requirements)
--hobbies, interests, anything interesting about yourself (ex. "I am a member of a terrorist cell designed to free this country from the monarchy!" etc.)
--favorite author/poet
--age of hair
--favorite posistion in softball
--level of education ( ex. "I know everything that ever was, but not everything that might ever be." etc.)
--favorite flavor of ice (ex. red, blue, purplishygreen, etc.)
--random fact
--anything else you may or maynot find relvalent

please apply in an orderly manner listing skills and your hopes for the relationship (be creative)
your interest is appreciated
we will review your application and respond as soon as possible
once again we at NOID (National ODonnel Institute of Debauchery) thank you

this post is intended as farce. anyone who is offended will be considered to have noo sense of humer. but if a substantial outcry is heard, or if the powers that be, ask us to delete the post, we will be more than happy to comply.
thanky you
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Pictures, por favor?

If you have naturally straight hair, now dreads, post pictures!

I'm just curious because I tried locks two summers back and with a lack of curls, it didn't work out so well. Now I have very lose synthetic dreads, and all of my roots have dreaded together in 4 short weeks. After senior pictures, a friend and I are going to attempt to dread up again.

So I'm looking for some inspiration; dreadie success with straight hair.
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(no subject)

Hey guys I'm new here and I've had dreads since July 30th. It took my friend 17 hours to do them. I know that's a long time but they came out perfect and looked like I've had them for months so I guess it was worth it :)

I'm thinking about dying them. Any suggestion? Complications I should be aware of? What color do you suggest? The whole head? Some dreads? Just the tips? I want suggestions!!! Thanks. I don't know how to use LJ cut, so here is a pic of em...

Hope ya like em and look forward to hearing from you all :)



This is the last time you'll see them this colour (a bit of normal colour, but mostly faded bleachy dyedy stuff from last Christmas) so..

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OH YEAH!! I forgot to mention, blackperson, I had a dream about you the other night. You were on my bus. You know a community's good when you have dreams about its mod!!!
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True or false?

I really want dreads, I have since I was like 7 when I saw this guy with them and thought he was the coolest guy in the world.

My moms a little weird about it though, sayin I'd have to shave my head to get rid of them.

But I read online that you could soak your dreads in conditioner and slowly brush them out. Is that true or not?

"excuse me, i do believe that is my raincoat..."

In the hustle bustle of life i have had absolutely no time to post here in the last few months :( but i've been here reading everything you guys have been saying. i promise i will post pictures and post more often, starting as soon as possible.
So my dreads are doing pretty well right now, ripped them all apart from where they were having a wee dread orgy and it created loads of fuzz :( but other than that its all good.

Heres my problem... It's the Christmas dance at my school this week and i want to do something different with my hair, bearing in mind i'm a guy, my dreads are about shoulder length and i have to look "formal" for the dance. Any ideas anyone? please!

Matt xx
updated me

hair growth

ive seen it posted here before, but alas i cannot find the posts... ive heard of some herbal supplements to make your hair grow faster and i was wondering if anyone had heard of them and if youve tried them (and how it worked out)... i want my locs back so bad but i need to get some growth goin on so i can get rid of the damaged parts ive got now so they dont break...
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