December 15th, 2004

to wax or not to wax?

Hey everyone,

I was just woundering what everyones thoughts on wax are, how many of you have used it with good results? how many of u have used it with bad results? that kinda thing. Its just that every time i see wax mentioned on the community u can be certain someone will comment negativly about it. i just wounderd why this is :)

take care all u lovely dreadheads!

ps one day i will achally post a photo of me dreadies on here, one day, lol
me in the corner


A number of you have talked about synethic dreads and I have a few questions. I have been thinking about adding some to my dreads to fill them out a bit. First of all, where do you get fake hair? How do you go about sewing it in? Is it possible to add it do existing dreads to make them bigger? If you have any experiences, please let me know. Thanks.

oh, and I have a bunch of pictures on my camera that I'll post once I'm not trying to deal with finals.
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lots of loose hair here and there ... they are getting so long i can feel their weight, they are starting to fall on my back :D

my landlord gave me a $20 gift card for pizza! ...and to think i'm always late with my rent. nice guy. i'm shutting up now.
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i painted! it's a self portrait sorta dealy. it's not NEARLY finished but i wanted to show it because i love it and it has dreadddds

i used a really difficult medium for this painting so it was hard to get detailed. i dont think it is really even possible to get detailed with it. but it's a kool shebang anyway

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monica, you never call me anymore!

Harrey Carrey is on! wowowo! that man is so funny! i bow to the gods of funny...ok,here are some chloe and sarchloe pictures....
i have ONE little dred so far... thinkin about doin the whole shebang- you guys are such an inspiration, im really considering it.....
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loose hair help!

hey y'all...

anyone in western MA looking for some dread help? i've become a master at crocheting loose hair back into dreadlocks. i can help with any stage of forming, from the first backcombing to simple maintenence. i will do it for really cheap too ( not an exact number, but i will help most people for like 20$ a session [a little more for FORMING dreads])

anyone interested can email me at