December 16th, 2004

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It's that time again...

Started 9th July 2003
Initially back-combed, then waxed for a few weeks, then nothing other than banded roots and a slight bit of wool.
I dyed them permenant black after about a month, which you can kinda see in there... I'm sure my hair's not grown THAT much since then though!

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Part 1

So yesterday I went to Sally's to get my regular hair dye and as I was standing there looking at all the other pretty colors, I thought to myself.....I should just get something different. So on a whim, I grabbed the violet. I sort of feel as though I'm losing my identity.....somewhat...but then I figured, hey if I don't like it, I'll just redo it tomorrow. Well last night my hair didn't even make it through one bleaching. All I got was orange...and when I say orange I mean ORANGE. So I'm on my way again to Sally's right now to get another packet...BUT...I thought it would be fun to see my progress of as I said in the subject...this, my friends, is part one....

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i have a fear of shedding a dread. i've seen a few times in this community where a member may have lost a dread, mostly by it thinning out. my dreads are really thin.. and some of the roots feel a lot thinner than even the dreads themselves.. and i'm kind of scared i may lose a dread. this freaks me out.

what are the signs of losing a dread? what should i look for?

and is there any way i can prevent it? strengthen them? will i have to combine dreads? help please!

also, i have pretty long dreads. would trimming the length help?
fred says LOOK!
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Far and Away: On Saturn

I spent yesterday in the company of the Rasta. It's been a long long time. The bus ride took over an hour. He's no longer in Seattle. We talked, we laughed hard, I filled him in on what he hasn't missed. Sometimes we just watched the traffic pass by, smoking lung cookies inbetween the bowls of buddha and just shared air. No food, a few things to drink, and of course TALK.

inertiam your name came up. Rasta says, "Hello Soldier"
utopianbuddist your name was bandied about. Rasta says, "Tell that Soldier, I want to see him">

He looked good, dressed like an ave rat, black pants, black hoodie, small kofi on top of his 30 years of dreads. The Rasta is like 60+ in actual human years. We've been friends for the past 3 years. I've visited him about the same way since he moved. I looked up his ex's number out of my email. He wants to talk to her. He was wet eyed and happy. It felt like I was visiting my father. If his ass was alive, I would have someone to talk to, like I talk to the Rasta.

I missed him in town last week. Fudd introduced him to Otha as:

You think Ain't yells at you. Well this is the man who yells at Ain't.

I could only smile and nod my head yes.

Later that night, after I took my hat off, he commented with happiness in his voice.

"Your dreads are growing back."

"Yea" I said, rubbing the locs. I told him about Quintin looking at my hair surprised at the loc'age.

"Well, I knew you would grow them back. Once you get use to something like that, it's hard not to grow them back."
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my hair is finally growing. just about 5 inches to go, until i can have beautiful dreads like you all have. oh how i admire them : ].


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