December 18th, 2004

I'm the Bassist. ^_^

Well tonight was my band's first show, and since i'm a dreadhead, and it's my band... that makes it dread related? 0_o ...right?

They're a little fuzzy, the camera was on the wrong setting when i gave it to the guy taking them, but anywho if you'd like to check them out here's a few:

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The rest can be found here: Left/Right's Photobucket

All pics ©James Harvey
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My friends and I have a 14 course holiday meal every year planned, payed for, cooked, and hosted by my best friend Pandora.
I didnt have a dress for this year- so I did the unthinkable yesterday and went shopping (I hate, hate hate shopping). But strangly enough I do very much enjoy dressing up in pretty princess dresses, so it wasnt so bad.
I was worried at first that I would have to settle on dresses that we really bland and girly (not unusual at all). But then I found this one! And it was my size! (only one there!!)
Im beyond happy.
And because you can *technically* see my dreadlocks in these photos, Im posting them. They're not very good photos of my hair though.

This dress give me breasts and hips like Ive never known. Holy fucking shit.

see how the skirt is all weird and coming up? thats because I need a better underskirt.

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Just a little question:
I had to wash my hair today, I couldn't stand the itchies anymore and..well I waited already over a month, almost two. But I didn't had the time to buy me a special dread shampoo so I just washed it with a normal shampoo.
Ofcourse without conditioner. Does any of you also wash their dreads with just a normal shampoo? Or are there more things bad in normal shampoo, next to conditioning, that can ruin your dreads?
My dreads survived it though and I'm very relieved! No itchies anymore!

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Hello......I am new to the community :)
I am a 27 year olds and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. :o)
I have decided that I will take the plunge and dread up!
I am sick of adding chemicals in my hair just so I can comb it!
I will be starting my dreadlocks probably on December 27th.
Much love to all of you and your BEAUTIFUL dreads!
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hi hi.

as some of you may or maynot remember i am forming my dreads naturally.

i didnt wash or comb my hair for a month.

i finally washed it (and the water/soap was all grey it was great haha ^_^) and nothing bad happened.

so what now?

those of you who had/have them...
when to separate? there are 2 big clumps of hair (i think thats from the sexin?) and a friend mentioned that they will just break off...i dont want that to happen. ive got a few nice forming dreadie like things already...its very cool...but do i do anything? or what?

any info will be nice and id be greatful..thanks ^_^ <3

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I have a question. ^_^

Alright, I want to do tiny braids in my hair, if I just leave them alone and let them do their own thing, they'll turn into dreads, riiiight?


Everyones dreads are so pretty lately. I hate you all. I miss mine so bad. :(