December 19th, 2004

San Francisco is Boring With Your Parents....

So...I'm flying to San Francisco for the weekend to do family-type stuff for a day or so. I will have some (read: LOTS) of time to kill during which I would otherwise be sitting in a hotel in Fisherman's Wharf knitting endlessly on my latest sweater and reading bad sci-fi novels.

My question is thus: any SF dreadheads have reccomendations for stuff to do? Cool record stores (Ameoba, of course), good thrift stores (I like more non-obviously-vintagey cordouroys and stuffs), coffeeshops? (i'm coming in from Seattle, so I'll need my espresso fix), or anything else that's cool. Hopefully within a walk or an easy bus ride of the Fisherman's Wharf? I'm fielding offers from anyone who wants to hang, too. I'm 20 and I like trip-hop, futurepop, dogs, dreads, sci-fi, and arguing about the various philosophical permutations of fiction. And I'm a rock climbing freak, but I didn't bring my gym gear. I really want to know if the hookah bar (Aladdin's???) on Haight Street (??? again, it's been at least 3 years) is still there? Open on Sundays?

**EDIT: I'm a dork, and posted this to my personal journal because I wrote it at 6am. So now I'm in SF and posting it at 1:30am. At least I caught it. Hurrah for me. I'll be here tomorrow...?...Anyone....?...**
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peekshers. i hung out with a dreadhead of about four years whose lived in morrocco and amsterdam. WOWWWWW. he is in my math class and sometimes when he sits in front of me i just stare at his hair. that would explain my significantly lower grades on math tests. hah
my dreads are feelin a little frizzy somedays. i think it's because im clockwise rubbing them too long after the hair has grown. has anyone else experienced this?
anyhoo. have a loooovely day =)

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toronto visit

i will be coming to toronto for a couple of days in the january...
i was wondering if some t-town dreadheads would be willing to meet a triplet of american kids and show them a good time on the town...
i will be having exact dates soon...
we are talking about the second week though...before the 16th
much love
hope to hear from some peoples soon