December 20th, 2004

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I feel really petty and dramatic for saying this...but you guys are the most supportive people I know. My parents are going through a rough breakup...and I found out tonight. Just wondering if any of you have any advice or anything to help me get through this shit. :/

a few

Hi, I've been here for a while but never really posted pics. I have been growing my hair for about 120 months now. I love my hair except for the fact that I wish my hair was a little thicker. If anyone is interested, you can Collapse )

What should I use?

hi im new and planning on getting dreads soon. But i want to do them myself and i have been reading the memories and found some info but not all of what i am looking for.Ih vae been to the beauty store and seen alot of products for dreading. What shoudl I use to hold them together. Wax? etc....
plz help thankx!

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I made this card for some of my friends, but then i thought ah let's post it for my dready friends too :) (and my dreads are all you can see from me anyway) Sorry for the F*ckn tho...